morning musings

September 19, 2014

1) Life with 2 is finally (finally) starting to feel completely normal.  I am incredibly thankful that Annabel has fallen into her big sister role without any real drama.  He loves her and she loves him; she certainly has her moments where she asserts her ‘seniority’ and asks for attention, but the experience of them both together is heart-meltingly positive.

2) Great habits post from yesterday’s Happiness Project.  I loved the idea of embracing some automatic habits while being careful to make things that are special/treats not be autopilot behaviors.

Things I do automatically that I like:
* AM runs many days
* Weekly planning rituals / bill paying
* AM coffee
* My commute
* Getting notes done immediately and as efficiently as possible at work
* Bedtime routine with A&C

Things I would like to do less automatically:
* Playtime with A&C — it would probably be fun to come up with some more activities and mix things up.  We could take a walk or go outside after work sometimes yet we typically just spend the time lolling about in the house.  (Still enjoyable though!)
* Enjoying treats (wine, chocolate, etc)
* Picking up my phone at random moments.  I passionately hate that everyone reads their phone in elevators.  Including me.  If there is one thing I want to stop doing, it is that.

Things I don’t do automatically that I wish I did:
* Journaling and reading before bed
* Putting my phone away/out of reach at certain times
* Strength training workouts

3) I couldn’t stop myself and ordered a 2015 Hobonichi Techo Cousin for next year!  I had the spring edition in 2014 so it’s slightly wasteful (3 months early!) BUT I couldn’t stand being out of sync with the rest of the world that got to start planners in January.  I am hereby promising to stick to the traditional calendar year from here on out.  (Probably.)  I also discovered this hobonichi tumblr blog — fellow planner geeks, enjoy!

4) I had two slightly better runs this week.  Both short, but my legs felt less dead and my paces weren’t quite as slow.  Hoping for continued improvement!  Maybe things will be easier as temps drop a little, too — I realized that my version of temperate is now totally skewed when yesterday’s morning run actually felt nice and cool.

“Feels like 81″at 6:07 am.  Hello Miami fall!

5) There are some family things I don’t feel comfortable writing about publicly, so I won’t.  But I was reminded this week about how quickly time passes.  Every day really is precious.   I am determined to appreciate life today.