5 for Friday again

October 10, 2014

1) NOT multitasking feels so wonderful.  But it is very challenging as a parent (particularly with 2 little ones, and I cannot even imagine handling more!)

2) On that note, I want to start docking my phone at home and at work.  I suppose I should just plug it into my computer or something.  But (yes, consumer-itis rears its ugly head) isn’t this cool?  (Not getting it, just saying 🙂 )

3) Getting dressed in a cute outfit for work = a better day.

4) Our nanny often sends me photos during the day.  These made my heart melt yesterday.

okay just had to zoom in here . . .


5) About to do my first interval run in at least a year and a half!  Wish me luck . . .

BONUS: I am still drinking the paleo kool-aid and am finding it leaching into my work recommendations a little bit.  But I don’t feel comfortable dispensing advice without good evidence, since the recs are not in line with mainstream (i.e. USDA) standards (though we all can see how well those are working . . .).

SIXTEEN results?  really!?!?

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