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October 1, 2014
The list of books that I read this year is short but — well, at least there is one!  I think I’ll just consider that a victory considering the circumstances.  However, I am really missing regular reading lately.  As an adult, I have not been a voracious or fast reader.  But until recent years, I was a steady and consistent one.  I plodded my way through every Murakami novel, even the mammoth 1Q84 (while pregnant with Annabel).  But then I had her, and . . yeah.

There is simply less time in my life for books since I became a parent*.  But there is still some.  I am (finally!) working very hard at decreasing the amount of time I spend on email and social media.  I have actually been really successful with the pact I mentioned in a previous post, and now I’m tracking both email and social media usage too with the goal of:

— 3 email checks/day

— social media playtime only in time-limited, designated chunks:  when I first wake up (usually this is just 5-10 minutes), around lunchtime at work (if time), and while Annabel finishes watching her Mickey Mouse clubhouse once C has gone to sleep (also time-limited for obvious reasons).

The result?  Too early to tell yet.  I’ve only been consistent for 2 days 🙂 But I am thinking that these changes will yield some extra time, particularly in the evenings which is when I like to read.  And therefore: I am hoping to bring books back into my life.  I have many titles on my amazon wish list, all ready to be downloaded at any moment.  

Although oddly — I am struggling with an odd desire to go back to paper books recently.  I do love the instant gratification and energy efficiency of digital books.   And I appreciate the lack of clutter (although — paperback books are similar in price and if I am not going to refer back to them/reread there is no reason not to just give them away!).  I also like the lit screen which means not having to mess with a reading lamp in bed.  But I somehow find myself less motivated to pick them up, and I get distracted more easily while reading them. Hmm.

Do you like digital or paper for pleasure reading?
Anything awesome that you have read recently?  I like both fiction and non.

A few selections on the wish list:
This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper 
random non-fiction pick: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown
Next year, I’m also excited for Gretchen Rubin’s Before and After and Laura‘s yet-to-be-renamedformerly-known-as Mosaic 🙂

* Just because there is less free time in general.  But not none.  I’m going to do a D-I-T-L post again soon!

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