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April 15, 2015
I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but here is my summary of the Disney experience with a 1 and 3 year old:
1) Rather physically challenging
2) On a moment-to-moment level, a bit stressful (it seems like someone always needed to eat / take care of bathroom needs / nap / run around to get his/her energy out)
3) Still really lovely and magical despite #1 and #2.
So, it was an exhausting weekend, but one filled with bright memories and many smiles.  We took a little time to find our groove, but it turned out that the best strategies were using FastPass+ to avoid lines, choosing rides with very short lines only (1 year olds do not do well in line — at least not mine!), and going for a lot of character-centric activities.  
Also important:  stopping for regular meals, building in a nap on our long day at Magic Kingdom, staying in a resort that allowed easy back-and-forth access (Bay Lake Tower @ the Contemporary) and that came with FastPass+.  Having an adult:child ratio of >1 helped, too.
I would definitely do it again, and want to!  However, I think we may wait until C is 3 and A is 5.  Annabel was a great age to enjoy it, but C was a little tough and I think a 2 year old just might be even harder than a 1 year old (less portable but still not ready to wait in lines/etc).

(not shown but very much present:  bebe & poppy)
Life has been a little crazy ever since the loss of Josh’s grandfather, an insane week of call, and our trip.  I think (hope?) things are finally starting to slow down again, so I should be back to regular posts!  
Have you done Disney with little ones?  Any tips/thoughts to add?  

PS: On the quasi-minimalism front, we came home with just one Elsa dress (her old one is in tatters) and a set of 4 mini Frozen dolls (gift from Bebe).  Not too bad!

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