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September 22, 2015

1.  I vow that the next post I write will be more focused.

2.  A needs new shoes.  I am considering getting her some Mini Melissas, especially if I can find them on sale.   Anyone know if they wear well and how sizing runs?

3.  I decided that I miss getting magazines in the mail, and subscribed to:

Real Simple
Runner’s World
Women’s Running
Cooking Light

Am I crazy?  Does anyone else still get actual magazines?  I fear that the issues will just pile up, but nothing makes me happier than getting mail that isn’t just bills and the cost-per-jolt of happiness is actually quite low when you buy yearly subscriptions.

4.  I discovered that there are apps that compile all of the TV shows you follow and let you know when episodes air!  (This makes me immeasurably happy for some reason, even though I watch about 5 shows total.)

5.  Apparently now there are “light phones” that you can use to avoid using your smartphone.  Say, for weekends.  I find this somewhat intriguing, somewhat sad, and somewhat funny.  And I sort of want one.

6.  I have now been “un-paleo” for about a month.  I am pretty sure I will remain this way.

More tomorrow.  I really (REALLY) do want to post more regularly, and I have many things I’d like to write about.  However, I will leave you with one more find: new fave pens!  These are amazing because they are sort of a hybrid between highlighters and felt-tip pens.  They are great for color coding things in planners (because OF COURSE) and really do come in pleasing, non-eye-straining hues.

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