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September 28, 2015

We had a lovely weekend.   Both Josh and I were off (!), and things just felt . . . spacious.   Relaxed.  There was time for:

* lots of play with A&C, including a play date Sunday morning
* outdoor fun and an excursion of sorts to the Fairchild Tropical Gardens
* socializing (dinner out for B-I-L’s birthday on Saturday night at Bocce)
* workouts (6mi run on Sunday / 30 minutes of barre online on Saturday)
* a nap on Saturday afternoon (DELICIOUS)
* work time for both Josh & me (3 hours of babysitting time on Sunday afternoon helped with this)
* “home admin” time – budget balancing / meal planning / life organizing on Sunday evening

I feel satisfied and somewhat rested this morning.  Yay!

I also am starting to notice that the kids are ever-so-slightly increasing in independence.  As in, they will entertain themselves for a few minutes at a time.  It’s a subtle shift and — don’t get me wrong — they obviously still need a lot of focused supervision!  But I sort of can imagine how things will change down the road.  And I can imagine that — just maybe — as a result, I will have a little bit more time to do my own thing while A&C read/play independently/do their own things.

And that will be amazing.

Non-parenting things I would do with 1 extra hour per day:
* write more
* read more (books / magazines / articles)
* work more (hopefully not writing progress notes, but doing more of the “non-core-production” things)
* shop (probably online, mostly.  but yes.  I’d love to have some up-to-date online wishlists so I can better stalk sales, because my wardrobe is really in need of some expansion right now, especially work-wear)
* cook again!
* train more (i.e. increase my mileage back into the 20s-30s)

Weekend scenes
Annabel’s new game: hanging out in her “cage”.

@ Fairchild:

@ Sunday playdate:  My friend R & I were actually able to have conversations while A&C played with her two, S&I.  4 kids, ages 19 months to 4 years, were literally having a great time basically entertaining themselves.  It was amazing.

Other people’s toys = THE BEST

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