belated weekend report: simplicity edition

October 13, 2015

We did . . . very little this past weekend.  I will get to my Simplicity Parenting review later this week*, but one of the main tenets is to avoid overscheduling children, and to let them have lots of time for:

a) unstructured active play
b) creative play (where they have the opportunity to enter into a ‘flow’ state)
c) restful time (not just naps, but quiet time at home to allow for recovery)

Annabel continues to present some challenges — as I believe all 3.5 year olds probably do, but she seems to be particularly strong-willed & feisty — and I decided that maybe some relaxed time at home would help.  Plus, I have been feeling really good this month — working on honing mindful habits, meditating & journaling every day.  Surely I could enjoy a relaxed weekend, “just be”-ing with A&C . . .

. . . and then reality set in.  Actually, that’s not fair — there were a lot of lovely unstructured hours, and I DO feel that I was more present and aware around them.  BUT at their current ages (3.5 and almost 20 months), it’s not like sitting there being mindfully aware is remotely possible — for more than 30 seconds at a time, anyway.  A asks for things, C climbs up on things, A has to go to the potty, C just spilled something — etc.  AND despite the wide swathes of open play, there were plenty of behavioral challenges.  A’s current mode of attention-getting is to beat up on C, and that’s just no fun at all.**

I had booked a babysitter*** for Sunday afternoon, and spent 2 hours napping, about 30 minutes reading, and went on an easy (hot) run.   I had planned to do work, but this downtime was SO necessary and SOOO appreciated!

* Call-permitting – today is day #1/7!

** Working on strategies to STOP this.  Unfortunately, time outs do not seem to work well for us.

*** Josh was on call and at work for 95% of the weekend

What “doing nothing” looks like with a 1.5 and 3.5 year old:

I’m still doing really well with my October goals, so I’m really hoping I can keep things up through call!

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