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October 21, 2015

It’s the 21st.  I am happy (and surprised) to report that my October goals have been going strong.  Really strong, actually.  Maybe too strong — to the point where all of the journaling and meditation was taking up all of my precious blogging time.

Hence my relative silence 🙂

However, in all seriousness, things have gone, for the most part, really well.  I have meditated daily, done a bit of journaling each morning, spent under 60 minutes/day on my phone (as calculated by Moment), avoided GOMI entirely (yay!), and have managed to floss each night.  Good prep for my dentist appointment next month . . .

I have also found myself somewhat more patient at work (including on call), have gotten in all of my planned workouts (started half training!), and I’ve been pretty productive:

☑ finished our 2014 photo album
☑ submitted my PCOS presentation
☑ aaaaaalmost finished book club book (and then the book club was postponed!)

Honestly, I have no idea why this month has gone so well!  I have also implemented some new organizational practices with my planner, but I find it hard to believe its powers are that magical.  Anyway, I still owe you all a review of Simplicity Parenting, and I haven’t forgotten.  I actually decided to take the plunge and eliminate A’s bedtime TV show (reading Brittany’s post finally motivated me to give it a try) and so I’d like to see how this works before drawing any grand conclusions.

Last night, however, was pretty good.

And so was the weekend.

our version of “fall”

On an unrelated note, I signed up for Trunk Club for women – Nordstrom’s version of Stitch Fix.  My trunk is on its way!  Will definitely do a review/pic post. 


  • Reply beth March 10, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    I’ll be interested to hear how your TV experiment goes.

    We do a 30 minute show every day before bathtime. Mommy likes to use this time to prep for tomorrow. My kids are 4 and 6 but I have been doing this since the oldest was 2 (30 minutes to get the baby thorugh his bedtime routine uninterrupted!).

    My kids weren’t three-nagers so much as they were one-nagers. They through more tantrums netween ages 1 and 2 than any other age to date. It’s weird. Most people talk about how great 1 is and how terrible 3 is. I think I am in the minority when I say, for us, 1 was worse than 3.

    Good luck!

  • Reply Amy March 10, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    I noticed a huge difference in Will when I cut out the tv. He often watches a 30 minute show before bed if there’s time, but just as often he doesn’t, and he’s fine with it. I’ve noticed that when I allow him to watch tv, it’s all he wants to do (like when we’ve had a few afternoons in a row of bad weather + a movie or something), but when it’s not part of our daily life, all he wants to do is read or play outside. TV was causing a lot of tantrums for us and eliminating it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done as a parent.

  • Reply SassySparky March 10, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    I have noticed a huge difference in Griffin’s behavior and demeanor at home since we cut out TV in August. If you are looking for something to fill the time (especially so she has some downtime while you get C ready for bed) I recommend audiobooks. We check 4-5 audiobooks out of the library (or you can order through Barefoot Books) and Griffin really enjoys sitting with his book and listening. We usually sit with him the first time he "reads" it so that he learns when to turn the pages, and we also read it to him aloud as well, but it is does give us a breather and some quiet time for him where he is entertained but without a screen.

  • Reply Ana March 10, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    can’t wait for the Trunk Club review!! I’m so tempted to get on the wait list. The TV thing is interesting. I know mine do have a freak out whenever we watch a movie on the weekend—when it ends they want more & they are cranky for a bit until I can redirect them. The key for me is to keep them guessing—we had stretches where we did the movie EVERY weekend and they would start asking (whining, begging) for it immediately on saturday morning. When we have some weeks with no movie, they tend to forget about it, as long as they are busy. Is it something about TV itself, or just transition issues (that little kids have with many activities), or personality related? (rhetorical questions, obv)

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