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January 14, 2016

It started with The Daily Docket, created by Tsh Oxenreider of The Art of Simple (formerly known as Simple Mom — definitely prefer the new name).   Then came the Day Designer, followed by 83742 niche paper planners available today with tantalizing covers and beautiful branding and really interesting (okay, to me) daily layouts (Happiness Planner, among others).

When I first started using the Hobonichi, all of that daily space was a bit baffling to me.  Was I supposed to write a list every day, and check things off?  Record memories?  Attempt to be artistic?   After 2 years of experimentation, my daily pages now look like this (yes, real pages):



– AM routine (up top)
– Daily plan (on the left; often I have checkboxes for each patient on an outpt day) including any fixed appointments or meetings
– Dual to-do lists on the right (selected from weekly list)
– Eating record on bottom left (habit I picked up after I transitioned to paleo that I like — kind of forces me to think twice before mindlessly grabbing something and makes choices more intentional)
– Random notes & memories on bottom right
I create the dividing lines with a mildliner and write with a Uniball Jetstream 3-color which conveniently came with the planner.
Sooooo . . .for better or for worse (I realize this post is really letting my organizing/planner freak flag fly), this is my own personal Docket or Designer or whatever you want to call it.  I am sure there will be more amendments to its structure as life evolves, but this is the early 2016 edition!  
A&C’s school had a snow day today (think snow machine and 70 degree temps).  Mr. C’s first experience with the cold white stuff — and likely his last until next year!

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