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January 1, 2016

Just took a brief trip down memory lane and read last year’s post from 1/2/15.  I was home with both kids, and reading it made me laugh, because many things are still the same.  It also made me notice something very important:  things really are getting easier.  And maybe — for me, anyway — better.

A is finishing up Cinderella, C is taking his usual 2-3 hour nap (so funny that I noted last January that his naps were short!  I guess things like that tend to change without much fanfare).  I just prepped dinner.  Josh is at work.  Today is day 4 of being home with the kids (no Josh) and I am not burned out.  I am actually . . . somewhat relaxed.  Amazing.  This has been my general template, and I am just noting it because a) it will be fun to look back on next year, and b) it has been working.

Early AM:  Workout (usually run, still training for the Miami Half coming up in about 3 weeks) and also a bit of time spent creating a general plan for the day, and mapping it out in my (new! crisp! pristine!) planner.

AM: Kids up around 7.  Breakfast together.  Morning play date or outing (kids art museum, a play date, an indoor play space, a pretty playground with water play)
Possible errand – flu shots one day (argh), Whole Foods on others

Lunch: usually at home, but one day we went to Panera

Midday: C naps ~1:30-4ish; A watches a movie and then draws, hangs out with me, etc.  Although I just now realized she fell asleep watching Cinderella.  Heh.
I prep the night’s dinner / do various tasks / do fun things like write this post

Late afternoon: neighborhood playground and/or play at home (but usually playground.  More energy out and less mess to clean up!)

Dinner: around 6-6:3ish.  Sometimes with Josh.

Kid bedtime: Around 8.  Later than during our normal routine.  Which, come to think of it, may need some tweaking.

Last night we celebrated NYE at Josh’s parents’ (usual family gathering spot + 2 blocks from our house) and A&C lasted all the way until 8:30p.  And I lasted all the way until 10:30p.  If Josh hadn’t been on ER call, I might have tried a little harder, but since he was up doing appendectomies and such, I called it a night after one glass of champagne.  At least it was Veuve Cliquot.

As usual, I have about 823821 things that I want to do in the New Year.  This is not to say that I am not happy with what I am already doing, but I just have a lot of ideas that I want to try.  One area that I would like to give a little attention is this space right here.  I am hoping to write more in 2016.  Not every day — unrealistic! — but just more.  And not just “we did this” journal-style entries (though — they are not going anywhere), but some more thoughtful posts and small tidbits and the like.  If there is something you would like to see specifically — please let me know!  I have a (paper, obvs) place where I am going to try to be more systematic about keeping ideas and plans for posts.

Happy new year, and here’s to 2016!

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