Here they come: Unplugged30 Rules!

January 31, 2016
YES!  I’m pumped.  And it sounds like a bunch of you are, too.  I can’t wait to find out what life will feel like sans scrolling.  
I have created 10 pretty stringent (to me) rules designed to cut aimless surfing out of my life completely and bring more purpose to my free time — and more peace/boredom/awareness to the nooks and crannies of life.
Please feel free to adapt these to your purposes.  
Here we go!
1.  Deactivate Facebook. This can be done through settings.  Don’t worry, it’s temporary.  But this keeps you completely out of the FB loop and (for me) reduces temptation.  You can reactivate simply by entering username and password.  If you feel you are likely to do this, have a loved one change your password for you and keep it hidden. 
2.  Uninstall all social media apps from phone/tablet/whatever.  I deleted Instagram, Feedly, and had already nixed the FB app.   If you are young and cool enough to be on Snapchat (I am not), that should probably go too.  And Periscope.  Etc etc – you get the picture.  
3.  Limit email checks to a predetermined number per day — I recommend 3 if feasible.  For me this applies primarily to my personal gmail, not my work email which is boring and filled with work –not really at all tempting anyway.  But I will keep work checks as minimal & purposeful as possible, too.
4.  No phone use in bed.  Period.  It can be used as alarm only and should be promptly turned off.
5.  No phone use in car, with the following exceptions: maps app, podcast app.
6.  No phone use (or even out) while interacting with loved ones or supervising kids.  It may be brought out to take an occasional photo (which will not make it to Instagram until March, at the earliest.)
7.  Blogs followed in feed reader are limited to 20 or less.  You can still read your favorites, but check-ins must be purposeful and limited to two maximum time slots daily: lunchtime & evening.  No blog reading/commenting session should last longer than 20 minutes — set a timer.  Same guidelines apply to other online content (NYT online, for example) and those minutes count in the total.
8.  Check in via the comment section of this blog (I’ll do a dedicated post each Monday!) with your progress, struggles, victories, etc.
9.  Extra-special challenge:  Spend one day without use of a screen of any time.  (There goes my blogging streak, unless I schedule a post ahead of time . . .)
10.  Keep some kind of record of how you are doing.  Particularly note the things you are now doing instead of clicking and scrolling.  Something has to fill the void . . .
I’m psyched for tomorrow.  We can do this!!
Analog version:
(I thought of #10 after finishing this list!)

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