Introducing: The Unplugged30

January 31, 2016

Feb 1 – Mar 1.

(Yes, this includes 3/1.  Because otherwise it would be Unplugged29, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

So yes.  Like the similarly named Whole30, February is going to be a reset of sorts.  An internet/mindless screen time/aimless browsing/online multitasking cleanse.  The rules will be rather stringent, because:

a) It’s only 30 days!*

b) I would really like to see what happens if I really really REALLY commit to changing my online/phone behaviors.  Previous attempts have been unsuccessful, and I am thinking that perhaps I wasn’t clear enough with myself on what the goals/rules were.

c) I feel that I could then figure out which strategies/limits really worked, and which could potentially be loosened in the future

I will present my list of Unplugged30 rules tomorrow.  If you are interested in playing along, you can either follow the same rules OR modify to create your own. **  There will be weekly check-ins each Monday — anyone following along will be required (um, to the extent that I can enforce this . . .) to report progress/observations/victories/challenges.

Before we dive in tomorrow, let me just briefly delve into the why.  Several commenters have noted that spending some mindless internet browsing time sounds pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, and perhaps I’m being crazy overly hard on myself.

I disagree.  It is not harmless, because I will never get those hours back.  I cannot revisit A&C’s early childhood and change the example I set for them/erase the times I was mentally scattered in their presence.  It cannot be healthy to stare into a bright screen every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed.  SO, this is important to me.  It absolutely may be harmless for you, if you can moderate well and feel like you have enough time to do the things you want to do.  But for me, I find it problematic.  There are too many other things I would like to do with my time to be just letting it slip through the hourglass while I mindlessly scroll, scroll, scroll.

* And unlike Whole30, you can still drink wine and eat cookies!  So, yay.

** Also different than Whole30

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