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January 3, 2016

OMG.  Today was exhausting.  About that 1/2/15 post where I noted that C had bronchiolitis?  Apparently it’s a yearly thing, only this time it’s worse.  He is on his first oral steroid course and I have a sinking suspicion it will not be the last.  AGH.  After 4 days of really smooth sailing with the kids, today was admittedly awful.  Both up at 5:30a (C couldn’t breathe, so I can’t blame him, and then his crying woke up A) and then most of the morning spent trying to soothe/calm and then at the pediatrician’s office . . . followed by an amazing display of hyperactivity for someone still breathing more than once per second.  Thank you prednisolone.

At least he doesn’t look sick here in the slightest

ANYWAY.  I wanted to write a quick response to a reader question from yesterday, which was whether I keep a personal (i.e. not online) journal.  I did in 2015 more consistently than ever before, but . . . I think I am going to essentially abandon the habit.  I did a lot of really repetitive writing and then ended up with a bunch of random musings that I feel are only worthy of . . the recycling bin, really.  And that is where they will go.  This year, I will do more documenting in my planner (something I did more and more of last year), and I am also using a Rituals for Living Dreambook (bought off of kickstarter last fall) to do more long-range planning and vague “thinking-out-loud” sort of journaling.  Of note, I have not mentioned this or reported on it yet because I need more time to see how it works out for me 🙂  But it is pretty.

In addition, I have a 5-year diary with several lines per year (given to me a couple of years ago) that I try to write down funny things that A&C say or do, or milestones, or just random events of the day.  I was not very consistent with it last year, but if it takes 15 years to actually fill it up, I could see how that would make it even more interesting.

5 year diary – entries from yesterday & 1 year ago

Random things that I like to record these days:
Movies seen
Books read
Musical artists or songs that I like
Blogs/sites/apps to try or that I like
Meals, both special & the everyday/mundane (not in a quantitative way, but in a qualitative one)
Noteworthy podcasts listened to
Social events, etc
Workouts (longstanding tradition – and I love looking back at old training records)
Little special happenings, like getting a note (esp on paper!) from a friend in the mail

Do I need to track any of these things?  Absolutely not.  Am I crazy/OCD/eccentric?  No/no*/if I am, I’ll own it.  The process of putting these things on paper makes me notice them more, bringing into focus the more fun details of life.  And oddly, knowing I will write these things down seems to add to the pleasure of actually doing them while they are happening.  A reverse anticipation, almost.

About to go to bed — 11 miles in the AM, as my race is 3 weeks away.

* Maybe some OCPD tendencies, but thankfully I don’t think I’m rigid enough to meet criteria

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