mindfulness, hello, and a mystery

January 13, 2016

Tonight I attended an orientation for a MBSR course.  MBSR = Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a program designed in 1979 by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn initially to treat patients with chronic pain.  Since then, it has been applied to nearly everything else one could imagine, including helping with focus / the ability to feel present / general well-being.  I’ve been into the concept for quite some time, and (as you all know) dabbling in meditation for the past several months.  I finally decided to face my fears/trepidations and take a local version of the course, which is offered through the hospital system where I work.

– 8 Tuesdays in a row of coming home late — trying to stay true to my recent post and opt out of guilt about this, but . . . you know.   Sometimes it’s not quite so easy.
– Daily homework that may amount to up to an hour (!) of meditating to guided tracks
– Touchy-feely stuff I don’t always mesh with
– Going to sessions while on call (ick!)

Despite the above, I was impressed with the initial presentation and the course director, so I signed up.  It starts in 2 weeks.  Will keep you all posted!

. . . to everyone who has commented/emailed/come out of the woodwork over the past 11 days. Apparently when you post more, people interact more!  And it’s a lot of fun.  Thank you all, and keep the ideas coming (please!).  You can always email, comment, or communicate via my Instagram.

Insta-list of post ideas

I promise more planner-esque posts soon, and some posts about work (but not about peds endo topics.  That blurs the line of work/blog too much for me.)

Sooooo . . . why are 600 pageviews to this post from 2012 today showing up on my analytics!?  There doesn’t seem to be any obvious referring link . . .is it an error?  An internet mystery?  If you have any idea, please clue me in — I’m intrigued!

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