well-timed cold snap!

January 23, 2016

Okay, I realize there are much more interesting weather happenings in other locales.  But OMG — a low of 46 in Miami on the night before the race on Saturday?  I am shocked.  And very very happy.

I haven’t worn pants on a run here — ever.  But maybe I will this weekend – we will see.  Or maybe just a jacket that I can remove if things heat up.


So – I actually do send out a weekend plan to Josh every Friday.  Not because I’m controlling.  (I think.)  Because I’m pretty sure he likes it, and it helps us both strategize and to know what to look forward to/expect.  To be fair, we often deviate from the plan and I am not too ornery about spontaneous departures from The Schedule, as long as they are fun ones.
Tonight:  Nothing.  Drinking wine, writing this post, considering which TV show or movie I will watch afterwards
Up w/ kids (will let Josh sleep since he’ll be up Sunday)
   (NOTE TO KIDS: 7 am or later would be awesome.)
Playground (probably)
Race expo! (dreading parking nightmare)
Lunch/Brunch out somewhere.
Home – C nap
Depending on awake time: museum outing?  OR just family over @ our house
Pizza night w/ family (carbs!)
Get up obscenely early (4?)
Half marathon! (6 am start!)
Swim class for kids
Celebratory brunch out
Nap (Kids AND me, I anticipate)
Another playdate/dinner combo (enjoying this routine!)
Stay safe in the snow, for everyone in the (real) cold this weekend!  
PS: My med student ORDERED A HOBONICHI PLANNER after seeing mine!  This made me obscenely happy.