Sometimes things happen

April 1, 2016

I didn’t PLAN on smacking my head into a tree when I went for an early AM run this Wednesday, but sometimes things happen.  One minute you are impatiently trying to change your podcast (so impatiently, I might add, that you do not bother to stop running or even slow down, even though it is DARK*) and the next you feel FULL FRONTAL IMPACT and are on your back bleeding from god-knows where.

Yeah.  March — which wasn’t my favorite to begin with — went out with a bang.  Literally.

Really hoping for bigger and better things in April!

Despite the above cosmetic wounds — which I have been told will fade eventually — I am fine.  No more headache, and my brain function seems to be intact.  I did take my first-ever sick day after it happened. But now things are back to normal. I’m actually writing this on the way to Boston for a wedding!  My parents are with A, and our nanny with C (we decided to ease Grandma and Grandpa in one kid at a time!).  Josh and I have not been away together for a while, so this is a nice kickoff to Q2 2016.  We had way too much call this month and feel very ready for a break. I am not worried about the kids — A’s schedule is particularly full, with two birthday parties AND Disney On Ice – Frozen with both sets of G-parents and all 4 of her cousins. I am really excited to see my beloved college BFFs and celebrate with all of them.  

I just reviewed my Life Plan and am filled with a lot of ideas/goals for Q2. Feeling energized & enthusiastic**, but I am also looking forward to just a lot of fun and relaxation and laughter over the next 2 days.  Plus I might even get to meet up with one of my BBFs (best blog friend, of course). We will see.

SO, onward and upward.  Any makeup tips welcome 🙂  Josh thinks I just need to get the other eye to match for a gothic/vampire look.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a thick and well-blended concealer.

* incredibly stupid move, and one i will never repeat again.  
** side effect of (possibly) near-death experience