CA anniversary trip – days 3-5

May 30, 2016


A&C greeted us with a (copied) sign and happy screams!

We’ve been back since Saturday.  I don’t go to work until Wednesday – so happy I included this buffer zone, because a) we were really missing the kids and needed time with them before resuming the work routine and b) I just need the transition time before jumping back into our usual work/life routine.

But first . . . a few more vacation pix . . .

Wednesday we went running and then headed to the vineyards.  We started at Coppola, where we had lunch (think Italian-American fare in pretty setting).

Then we headed to our favorite winery, Bella.  We enjoyed a tasting and a really cool demo where they blended not-yet-ready wines to create a combination that tasted way better than the sum of its parts.  And then —

In-N-Out  . . . happened.


Bike tour via Wine Country Bikes!
We did this 7 years ago, although that time it was just Josh & me on the tour (I think some other couple had cancelled).  This time there were 8 of us and the ride was somewhat shorter and slower paced.   We hit 3 vineyards (Martorana, Dry Creek, and Geyser Peak) and covered 17 miles according to my Garmin — the first time I had ever used it in bike mode.  We enjoyed a really romantic and delicious dinner at Farmhouse Inn.  
For lunch on Friday — our actual anniversary — we had managed to secure French Laundry reservations,  and we decided that 10 years of marriage was deserving of this level of celebration.

Honestly, I am still reliving this experience!  True bucket-list item – check.  Will we go back?  I hope so, perhaps in another 10 years.  

I can wait 🙂

The whole trip was incredibly relaxing, slow-paced, and delicious on multiple levels.  Josh and I really enjoyed having the time together and spent time scheming/dreaming/planning, as well as just savoring the moments as they unfolded.

Here’s to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50+ more.  



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    Here’s to you both! Is so inspiring to see a happy couple.

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