MAY GOALS (aiming high in the sky!)

May 2, 2016
I am at the airport.  From this unusual vantage point — away from my EPIC (work) Inbox and the demands of family life — just about anything seems possible.  Upon my arrival home, I will find C with a runny nose and perhaps a cranky mood post-nap, and A with energy to burn because today was a no-school day (conferences*). But right now?  The (fantasy) world is my oyster.
So here we go with some rather lofty goals for May**.  
1) [WORK] Present ideas inspired at conference (emphasis on office efficiency and ways I believe we could help our practice improve)
2) [FAMILY] Plan out travel for the rest of the year.  
Ideas: 4th of July in PHL, possible Austin trip, low-key family trip
3) [WORK] Schedule biweekly case-conference/J Club, and volunteer to do #1!  We don’t currently have any formal time set aside for this, and revisiting my fellowship colleagues made me realize how much I miss it.  And how helpful it can be!
4) [PRACTICAL] Financial organization tasks 
5) [PERSONAL]  Reading.  I want to reread Getting Things Done (someone inspired me at the conference to do this) and read 1 novel.
6) [PERSONAL]  Health
  • I want to build running mileage this summer to create a better endurance base, and keep up with barre 2x/week (goal at least 8 sessions this month!)
  • Aim for 90% clean/healthy eating*** on weekdays.  This is how I usually eat, but April was filled with travel and many treats.  
7) [WORK]:  Create master list of current projects, upcoming projects, and “would like to do” projects.  With upcoming residency responsibilities, I need to be organized.  I also need to determine what is feasible.
8) [PERSONAL]:  Daily rituals —>  blog/journal, meditate, floss

9) [PERSONAL/FAMILY]Enjoy down time purposefully and purely.  Avoid “double-devicing”: i.e. Instagram-while-watching-Netflix-and-texting.  I mean, come on.
10) [FAMILY]: Attention and listening – work on both of these things w/ A&C AND J.  Work towards spending some focused one-on-one time with each every day.  
There you go.  Might as well aim high at 30,000 feet, right?
* Which I missed, so Josh went
** My favorite month, because it contains the trifecta of a) Mother’s Day b) my birthday and c) our anniversary.  And for the first time since becoming a mother (and due to some calendar luck) — I can say that Josh and I are both off for ALL THREE!

*** No specific eating style or anything, not low carb, not paleo.  Just less snack-y and/or sugary things. 

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