MAY GOALS (aiming high in the sky!)

May 2, 2016
I am at the airport.  From this unusual vantage point — away from my EPIC (work) Inbox and the demands of family life — just about anything seems possible.  Upon my arrival home, I will find C with a runny nose and perhaps a cranky mood post-nap, and A with energy to burn because today was a no-school day (conferences*). But right now?  The (fantasy) world is my oyster.
So here we go with some rather lofty goals for May**.  
1) [WORK] Present ideas inspired at conference (emphasis on office efficiency and ways I believe we could help our practice improve)
2) [FAMILY] Plan out travel for the rest of the year.  
Ideas: 4th of July in PHL, possible Austin trip, low-key family trip
3) [WORK] Schedule biweekly case-conference/J Club, and volunteer to do #1!  We don’t currently have any formal time set aside for this, and revisiting my fellowship colleagues made me realize how much I miss it.  And how helpful it can be!
4) [PRACTICAL] Financial organization tasks 
5) [PERSONAL]  Reading.  I want to reread Getting Things Done (someone inspired me at the conference to do this) and read 1 novel.
6) [PERSONAL]  Health
  • I want to build running mileage this summer to create a better endurance base, and keep up with barre 2x/week (goal at least 8 sessions this month!)
  • Aim for 90% clean/healthy eating*** on weekdays.  This is how I usually eat, but April was filled with travel and many treats.  
7) [WORK]:  Create master list of current projects, upcoming projects, and “would like to do” projects.  With upcoming residency responsibilities, I need to be organized.  I also need to determine what is feasible.
8) [PERSONAL]:  Daily rituals —>  blog/journal, meditate, floss

9) [PERSONAL/FAMILY]Enjoy down time purposefully and purely.  Avoid “double-devicing”: i.e. Instagram-while-watching-Netflix-and-texting.  I mean, come on.
10) [FAMILY]: Attention and listening – work on both of these things w/ A&C AND J.  Work towards spending some focused one-on-one time with each every day.  
There you go.  Might as well aim high at 30,000 feet, right?
* Which I missed, so Josh went
** My favorite month, because it contains the trifecta of a) Mother’s Day b) my birthday and c) our anniversary.  And for the first time since becoming a mother (and due to some calendar luck) — I can say that Josh and I are both off for ALL THREE!

*** No specific eating style or anything, not low carb, not paleo.  Just less snack-y and/or sugary things. 


  • Reply The frugal ecologist March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    Come to Austin!! So many fun things for kids/families! Don’t be scared by the heat- it’s hotter but less humid than FL

  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    I hope you will do a post on the office efficiency ideas. I know it would be medical practice specific but I bet there would be some things that are broadly applicable.

  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    These all seem reasonable! I love the reinvigorated feelings I have after a conference. It’s so nice to shake up the routine – not only am I ready for new work goals, the time away from the daily grind at home is refreshing and makes me a better mom, even temporarily 🙂

    I made a new rule about sweets – only one per week and only on long run day. 🙂 It’s working! That doesn’t stop me from eating snacks (my metabolism needs them, and the RD said I should!) but I’ve been eating things like fruit+cheese or whole wheat pretzels and hummus instead of empty carbs.

    We were thinking of a family Austin trip as well!!! I also want to go to Nashville.

  • Reply Ana March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    These are great! I’d also like to read more about #1. And YAY to #2. Austin was our fave weekend away spot when we lived in that area—the FOOD. And also we would go biking/hiking/kayaking. Never went with kids, but I’m sure there is lots to do. I’ve never read GTD, need to put it on my (very very long) list.
    I also do #9. Its completely ridiculous. If the show I’m watching isn’t interesting enough to keep my full attention, or I’m really more in the mood to be social, I should just turn it off and do something else, right?
    Once again you’ve reminded/inspired me to make my own list of May goals. May is also my favorite month. Our anniversary is in June, but the weather and my birthday make it pretty awesome (weather completely sucks right now, I keep forgetting its actually May, it still looks/feels like March)

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