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May 11, 2016

So lately, I have been thinking about . . . 3.

Yes.  3.

I can think of so many reasons why I should not be thinking about 3.

They include:

  1. I really like getting sleep (and right now, generally I do!) and some free time to myself (like right now, when the kids are in bed)
  2. I know it would be really hard, at least for a while.  And chaotic forever.
  3. harder to do some of the “bigger kid things” (like trips, etc) that I had been looking forward to
  4. harder to get time alone with Josh (and I love our couples time together, like the occasional weekend away or overnight)
  5. overpopulation/sustainability argument*
  6. lack of bedrooms (2 kids would have to share)
  7. I am getting old (36 in a week)
  8. $$$ (no, it wouldn’t bankrupt us, but choices would still have to be made)
  9. I #$(*&@ing hate pumping breast milk!
  10. I work full time**
And yet I am still thinking.  Like, reaaaaaally thinking.  And I get all giddy at the idea that this is even a potential option.
#1, #4, and #8 are actually probably my biggest concerns.   So I’ll keep thinking.
* but what if my third discovered the answer to climate change?  
** I am not actually convinced this should be a reason, but I have heard others say this

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