an organizing weekend

June 27, 2016

It was a very . . . functional weekend around these parts.  A lot of organization.  Files.  Lists.  Work both days.  Although also a good amount of rest! For a call weekend (both of us), it was not bad.

I really do love my label-maker!

I finally weeded out my work files — there were literally documents in there from my predecessor who left 3 years ago!  I worked on my hybrid bullet journal-esque/GTD/hobonichi planner system.  I got so into it all that I even started my own totally nerdy (like, severely nerdy) planner-centric instagram account (mostly because I wanted to share paper/planning ideas but not on my regular feed!).

morning planning session documented for all eternity

We didn’t have as much family time as usual, and that was sad*.  But hey, 4/5 weekends are really almost all family time.  This favorable ratio makes me feel more comfortable with the ones that aren’t.

* Although we did swim together Saturday, had dinner/bedtime as a family both days, had a family run this morning, and I went to A’s swim class today.  I put C down for his nap today, too.   So it wasn’t nothing!

Somehow this was the only kid-centric picture captured this weekend.
(He’s fine, but just needs albuterol every time he gets a cold – which apparently no one wants to call asthma, by the way, but it seems that way to me.  
He has finally learned to hold it himself!)


Workout report:

M – 4.45 mi, 9:40/mi pace, 79F
T – Barre3 Core Focus 30 min workout
W – rest
Th – 4.34 mi, 10:08/mi pace, 81F (yes before 7am)
F –  5 mi on treadmill, 9:50/mi pace, indoors
S – Barre3 Lower Body Blast 30 min workout
Su – 4 mi family run, 10:20/mi pace (included walk breaks), 84F at start but at finish was 90F and “feels like” 97F.  HOT! 

Total – Just under 18 mi.

Part of the reason I am slow is that it’s hot, and part of it is that I am just not in the mood to try to hit any particular paces lately!  Maybe that’s also because it’s hot.  

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