an organizing weekend

June 27, 2016

It was a very . . . functional weekend around these parts.  A lot of organization.  Files.  Lists.  Work both days.  Although also a good amount of rest! For a call weekend (both of us), it was not bad.

I really do love my label-maker!

I finally weeded out my work files — there were literally documents in there from my predecessor who left 3 years ago!  I worked on my hybrid bullet journal-esque/GTD/hobonichi planner system.  I got so into it all that I even started my own totally nerdy (like, severely nerdy) planner-centric instagram account (mostly because I wanted to share paper/planning ideas but not on my regular feed!).

morning planning session documented for all eternity

We didn’t have as much family time as usual, and that was sad*.  But hey, 4/5 weekends are really almost all family time.  This favorable ratio makes me feel more comfortable with the ones that aren’t.

* Although we did swim together Saturday, had dinner/bedtime as a family both days, had a family run this morning, and I went to A’s swim class today.  I put C down for his nap today, too.   So it wasn’t nothing!

Somehow this was the only kid-centric picture captured this weekend.
(He’s fine, but just needs albuterol every time he gets a cold – which apparently no one wants to call asthma, by the way, but it seems that way to me.  
He has finally learned to hold it himself!)


Workout report:

M – 4.45 mi, 9:40/mi pace, 79F
T – Barre3 Core Focus 30 min workout
W – rest
Th – 4.34 mi, 10:08/mi pace, 81F (yes before 7am)
F –  5 mi on treadmill, 9:50/mi pace, indoors
S – Barre3 Lower Body Blast 30 min workout
Su – 4 mi family run, 10:20/mi pace (included walk breaks), 84F at start but at finish was 90F and “feels like” 97F.  HOT! 

Total – Just under 18 mi.

Part of the reason I am slow is that it’s hot, and part of it is that I am just not in the mood to try to hit any particular paces lately!  Maybe that’s also because it’s hot.  


  • Reply Helen March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Every time my son got sick it would settle in his lungs. He had everything you can think of – RSV, RAD, bronchiolitis, croup, and even a hospitalization for pneumonia at 16 months. Our ped said he didn’t seem to have asthma though. And wouldn’t you know it, once we removed dairy from his diet he never got a respiratory illness again. He had an intolerance and it somehow manifested itself that way. Now he’s almost 6 and can consume dairy again and also rarely gets sick. Hopefully C outgrows some of it!

  • Reply Alina March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    Sarah, I have been reading and enjoying your website for many years. Although I don’t think I ever commented.
    My son, who is 7 now, used to suffer with the same health problem as Cameron: Ventolin each time he had a cold. I wrote more about our experience here:….
    I have been trained as a doctor and in medical school we were not taught that asthma can be due to a food sensitivity, so I understand your reticence about removing foods from his diet.
    My son has been diagnosed by a naturopathic doctor with gluten and dairy sensitivity and we had to remove those from his diet (plus heal his gut). It was not easy, as what kid does not like pizza, cake, cupcakes, etc? So I had to learn new recipes and ingredients that did not have gluten and dairy, but were still delicious and nutritious.
    My son is a different child now and I consider myself fortunate to have studied nutrition and learned about food sensitivities.
    I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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