weekend report: flying solo

June 13, 2016

I didn’t mention it in my last post, but I was solo this weekend – Josh went up to Seattle to visit an close college friend whose wife was recently in a serious car accident.  I 100% supported his trip, but admittedly felt trepidatious about the prospect of tackling Friday night – Monday morning alone, particularly since C’s recent bedtime antics have been challenging.

Guess what?

It was great.

There were definitely some Not Great moments mixed in there — yesterday we hit the playground in the morning, as I had a master plan to allow them to get some physical energy out before a mall trip.  But it was hot, and apparently all of the energy got expended at the park, making for one frustrating trip home.  Both of them had their bikes and neither wanted to ride them.  There was yelling.  It was not my proudest parenting moment.

But really, other than that (relatively minor) debacle, it went really well.  There is something to be said for being entirely, unambiguously in charge.  And I think both kids really had fun!  Annabel said it was her “favorite weekend ever” (though to be fair, she may be prone to hyperbole).

Bedtime even went better than expected.  I put Cameron to bed later (~8:15 pm instead of ~7:45), and did let him protest for about 7 minutes on Friday.  There was no crying Saturday or Sunday nights.  And I indulged Annabel by letting her sleep in my bed, since Josh was away.  I told her it was a Special Treat, and that there was only room because daddy was away.  It worked marvelously.  I did not have any alone time in the evenings, but didn’t really care.

I am actually really proud of how this weekend went.  I was relaxed (a glass of red wine w/ dinner as I ate with the kids each night may have helped!), and really enjoyed the time.  We did a lot, including:

– watched Finding Nemo (Cameron too!  We will see how he does in the theaters with the sequel!)
– Miami Children’s Museum — we are now members — it’s really close and this way I can feel good about going for an hour
– playtime with grandparents (they came over for a while on Saturday afternoon — my only adult interaction for the weekend)
– pizza for dinner (their fave)
– mall trip for A’s ear piercing (!!!) & Father’s Day shopping
– ice cream (gelato, actually) @ the mall
– a 2 hr nap for BOTH KIDS (which never ever happens — Annabel really hasn’t napped for months — but they fell asleep in the car and both transferred and it was glorious)
– trip to the library (both have already read their 3 books.  We may have to go weekly)


classic Cameron face climbing a museum statue
(I think he thought he was doing something devious here)
Ear piercing series:
Note — I never thought I would get A’s ears pierced at 4.  I assumed she’d be 8 or so, like I was.  HOWEVER in Miami, earrings on young girls are everywhere — even babies.  Including on her close friends at school!  So I suppose this probably motivated her to ask, and then she just kept mentioning it every time she noticed my earrings.  I warned her that it would hurt (compared it to a shot at the doctor’s office), but she persisted.  I couldn’t think of a good reason why not, and so off we went to the local Claire’s.  

I think she did get a little nervous right before.
They did both ears at once!  The technician assured me she had done “hundreds” before.
She had a slightly stunned look for about 2 seconds . . . and then burst into this smile of pure happiness and pride:

Showing them off:

I did cut C’s naps at ~4 pm each day.  Thankfully he took it well (sometimes a premature wakeup leaves him in a dysphoric toddler-zombie-like-state).


M – ran 4 mi, average 9:26/mi, 84 degrees F
T – barre3 Total Body Rev (30 minutes)
W – rest day
R – ran 5 mi, average 10:05/mi, 79 degrees F
F – ran 4 mi, average 9:18/mi, 77 degrees F
S – Flybarre 45 minute class (I had a babysitter so I could go to this!)
S – ran 4 mi on treadmill, 9:45/mi 

Miles = 17 mi / Barre = 2

Josh: 4 runs and 2 gym sessions!  (Need to confirm the gym sessions but I know there was at least one in there)

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