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June 20, 2016

GOOOD morning and happy Monday.   We spent half of the weekend at home and the other half celebrating a beautiful marriage on the west coast of FL.  A&C had their first ever overnight together at their grandparents’ (Bebe & Poppy!) house — and it went amazingly well until C woke up vomiting yesterday morning.  (Of course.)

Thankfully he is fine now.

Josh and I spent much of the drive plotting our GTD plans of attack.  Somehow he seems to have a lot more going on than I do — although I think this is because I tend to be much quicker to give up on certain things than he is!  (Example: at work, I give myself about a week to read journals that come in before I toss them.)  We discussed inboxes (virtual & physical), Evernote (I don’t use it, but think maybe he should?), and the Weekly Review.  I am trying to keep mine as simple as possible, and here is the current iteration below:

In case that is too light to read:
1) Review Projects List (basically list of every ‘project’ – large and small – that I envision completing within the next 12 months)
2) Review Next Actions list & add to weekly list (in planner) anything targeted for week
3) Empty physical inboxes (mail, desk)
4) Empty gmail (and will empty work email Monday morning)
5) Plan upcoming week of workouts, meals & ensure all needed childcare is arranged
6) Review all of the above with Josh
That’s it!  Very simple/doable so that I will actually do it 🙂

Lego madness

At the finale of Princess Dance Camp (!)

A daddy bath. 
On that note:  Josh deserves a special Father’s Day shout-out.  Seriously, he is the most patient, nicest, loving dad ever.  He also manages to drum up nearly infinite energy for A&C.   He received his annual gift of TIES chosen by A and attended a celebratory barbecue at BB/Poppy’s which I did not attend because I was quarantining Cameron.  I feel so lucky and grateful to be experiencing this parenting (okay, and LIFE!) adventure with him.  Thank you Josh, for being an amazing father and husband every day – you are the best!!

On another note/PSA:  I really really really try not to get political here, but given recent events I can’t help myself.  If you are looking for an extremely efficient way to add your voice to the movement against gun violence, you can sign up here — it takes literally 2 seconds.


Weekly workout report: (theme: slow miles & heat)

M – rest

T – 4.3 mi, 9:40/mi average, 79F

W – rest (was supposed to do barre3 but slept too late.  oops)

R – 6 mi, 10:01/mi average, 79F

F – 4 mi, 9:53/mi average, 81F

S – Flybarre 45 minutes (OUCH)

S – 4 mi on treadmill, ave 9:58/mi

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