good morning MONDAY

July 18, 2016

1) Kids slept until 7:40 & 8:00 am yesterday.  OMG.  Is this the dawn of a new era?  (I hope so!)

2) I am 60% over my cold.  I am dying to run and resume normal routine but wasn’t quite ready this morning.  Hopefully tomorrow. 
3) Re: running – I think I am going to try to average 20 mi/week in August.  Right now it’s more like 16-17 mi/week.  This should be doable.  This will begin my (slow) ramp up toward half-marathon training starting in October.
4) The weekend was pretty nice despite all of my whining yesterday.  We made it to a family brunch and then a birthday party yesterday.  Annabel watched Song of the Sea both days during C’s nap.  
5) We are in the process of finally starting to finish our bedroom.  We have been living without a closet (yep!) and sleeping on a partially broken IKEA bed for the past 3 years, so it’s time!  Has anyone tried a Casper mattress?  We are considering it.  I actually do NOT like super smushy foamy feeling beds so I am a little worried that I might not like it, but they do seem to have a great return policy.  

Re: closet, we are going to have some built-in wardrobe elements installed along one of the walls in our bedroom.  Hopefully coordinating this won’t be as difficult as I am envisioning.
6) Aaaand C is up 🙂  
from the weekend
cousin play

. . . . aaaaand then he scraped his nose on the pavement.  

future bullet journalist

this morning (from the planner insta which is still making me happy!)

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