July 23, 2016

It’s Saturday, and I am officially past the midpoint of my call week.  I am happy to report that Wednesday I did follow through on my determined plan to cope better with the stress.  Doing barre / watching a show / reading = much much preferable to prior tactics.  Need to remember this . . .

Remember how I mentioned “No S“?  I tried it.  I failed.  No S is an eating concept (I really loathe the word diet . . .) where you do avoid snacks, sweets, and seconds on all days that do not start with S (S days = Saturdays, Sundays, and Special days like birthdays and the like).  I think it’s a great idea in theory.  But maybe not for me.
My issue is specifically the snacks!  I typically work out early (done by ~6:30 AM or so) after just coffee, have breakfast at ~7:00a, lunch at ~12:30 or 1p, and dinner at ~8:30p after A&C are in bed*.  I am fine all morning (honestly usually too busy/distracted to think about snacking in AM) but absolutely cannot last with a clear head or a modicum of energy when I attempt to last from ~1p – 8:30p.  So then every day I would “cheat”, and that brought out a sort of failure mindset which led to worse choices than if I hadn’t attempted the whole thing.
So I think we’ll call No S a fail.  I’m not exactly what my goals were either.  I did come home from my CA trip with a few vanity lbs I wanted to get rid of, and I may have accomplished that, but I don’t feel particularly fit right now (hot slow summer runs = not helping).  Usually cleaning up my eating habits helps with this pretty quickly, but I’ve been so inconsistent.  I think I am just going to concentrate on making generally healthy choices + ramping up mileage a tiny bit in Aug + getting in at least 2 strength workouts (barre) per week.  (Plus the pushup app, which is SO HARD but maybe I’m making slooooow progress.)

The truth is = I don’t want to have to follow any sort of dietary rule long term.  But I also am vain and body-conscious (and I live in a world where mommy makeovers are spoken about like they are the norm).

The good news is that I genuinely enjoy exercise (especially running, but I like barre too!) and eating healthy food.  I don’t have to follow rules, I just need to be mindful.  Need to try to remember that, but that can also be harder than it sounds.

Noemi’s post reminded me that I haven’t updated on this front in a while.  That’s because there is not much to say!  I’ve been off FB since Feb.  I miss it maybe a tiny bit.  But I am 100% happier off of it. Too much comparison, too much mental clutter, and too many group threads sucking me in for mindless scrolling.  Perhaps my love of Instagram has increased as a result, but I don’t find scrolling through my (fairly limited) regular feed or my plannercentric feed (love) nearly as toxic as FB’s was.

Will I be back?  Maybe.  Definitely not until the election is over.  Speaking of which, I sort of can’t even deal with this election.  I don’t want to get political here, so I’ll just leave it at that.

The kids slept at our nanny’s last night as I’m on call today.  I got to sleep in and oh MAN, was it wonderful — such a treat.  I feel so good today!!  And I had the morning to get things done, both work & non-work related.  Headed to pick them up soon, because it looks like there is no one for me to round on as of now.  Hooray for healthy kids!

Sooooo most of my Boden order got sent back 🙁 Shirts too long, dresses not fitted enough, nothing looking as neat or together as it did in the catalogue.  I kept 2 cardigans, a cute belt, and a short sleeved striped shirt (my summer uniform plus I thought I could get away with wearing this one to work).  It appears that I am going to have to go to an actual store to refresh my work wardrobe.  (When did I stop going shopping in person!?)

✔︎ Brittany’s tips for raising healthy eaters.  We follow all of these!  This is a couple weeks old but I flagged it as a great post so I wanted to share.

✔︎ Breee Berry‘s bullet journaling essentials.  If you are into planners / bullet journaling / stationery, you have to check out Breeeberry’s stuff.  Seriously, I just LOOOVE her aesthetic.  (And have started using the Stabilo 88 pens at her recommendation and am now addicted.)

✔︎ LV’s take on Satisficing.  I am absolutely a Satisficer.  I have dragged Josh into Satisficing too and honestly I think it has made our lives easier & better on several fronts.

✔︎ Speaking of shopping, this post from Un-Fancy was inspiring.  I actually do have bras I love (Natori = fits me really well!), but there are definitely things in my drawer that have been there for waaaaay too long if you know what I mean.  I loved how functional her collection is.

* I would love to change this, but Josh gets home late most nights.  If I eat with A&C then I’m not eating with him!  Unfortunately waiting sometimes doesn’t work anyway because he’ll come home after 9 and I end up eating by myself at 8:30 or so.  Hmmmm.  

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