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July 11, 2016

Well, that went quickly!

Josh and I were both off from work again, and the weather was hot but beautiful.  On Saturday, I had my bi-annual epic hair straightening appointment (have been Japanese straightening since 2007 — it takes ~4 hrs, but pays dividends in basically effortless hair over the following 6 month period).  We celebrated by buying a new bed (so long, mattress from 1996 and cranky IKEA frame!) and eating at The Fed.

Yesterday = pool, Target, and a playdate-dinner out.  Probably too much eating out in one 48 hour period (our July Restaurant budget is already hurting) but it was fun.

I tackled one minor project I had wanted to get to for some time:  listing the items in my summer wardrobe, which is pretty much a capsule by default (because I’ve donated so much, my list came to 37 items . . . which is supposed to be fairly minimal by some standards, right?).   This was really fun but it seriously awakened me to the fact that:

1) I have almost no work clothes that are in good condition and that I love

2) My shoes are all starting to fall apart.  (This makes sense since I wear the same few pairs allllll the time and they are several years old, but I really hadn’t made the realization).

(yes from the planning insta)

Sooooo I am on a minor mission to address these shortcomings of my wardrobe.  I still want to keep it minimal (looking to replace rather than add, for the most part), but it was really helpful to finally write out what I have.  This will stop me from buying more casual things (which are fun to buy, but really — I don’t need them!) and has reinforced my suspicions that I do actually wear the same 5 things to work every week, which is starting to get a little old.

Ideas from recent Boden catalogue (though I will wait for a discount code / free shipping offering before considering an order placement).


water babies

that face

Magnatile encapsulation
Workout report:
Mon: off
Tues: 5.13 mi, 9:59/mi average, 86F
Weds: Barre3 40 minute workout
Thurs: 5 mi, 9:45/mi average, 82F
Friday: 4 mi, treadmill, 10:00/mi average (including walk break in middle because the treadmill kills me for some reason)
Saturday: 3 mi family run, 9:51/mi, 84F
Sunday: Nothing (had to avoid significant sweating due to hair 🙂 )
Oh, plus pushups 3 days this week!  Trying one of those “get to 100 pushups” apps.  Record so far is 46 (not in a row!) but I need to repeat the week because it was really really hard.

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