AUGUST new month / new week madness

August 1, 2016

New month AND new week – it’s almost too much for me to handle.  We had a jam-packed weekend, which included the following:

– camp show Friday afternoon – A’s class danced to Katy Perry’s ROAR.  It was awesome (and necessitated a half-day of work, also awesome)

– kids sleeping past 7:30 AM both days (hoorah!)

– a run (w/ stroller) to the beach

– really good takeout pizza from Harry’s

– community theater!  We took both kids to The Little Mermaid at PPTOPA and the show surpassed my expectations.  Seriously!  A loved it and sat through 3 hrs (including an intermission) completely rapt.  C lasted 20 minutes.

– ballet school open house event at Miami City Ballet.

– playdate/dinner featuring cheesy lasagna, rosé, salad, and cookies.  Can’t go wrong there.  4 kids really are easier than 2 when they play together in (CUTE) pairs.

Seriously, I feel like we did so much.  What I did not do was my weekly / monthly reviews.  But hopefully tonight I can catch up.

I did, however, create some August goals.  July was . . . meh.  I started out strong but ugh, the typical every-3-months-viral-blast swept through our household and then nothing really went as planned.  I totally failed at No S (honestly ate horribly last month — maybe really last few months — and I’m feeling it!).  Avoiding phone use 6-8pm was a fail.  I did continue to floss (mostly), meditated 19 times, and updated the planner Insta plenty.


1) Re-attempting No S.  And healthier eating overall.  For real this time.  (Anyone want to do it with me?  Seriously, I kind of want an accountability partner of some sort!)
2) Read every day.  Even 10 minutes.
3) Take INTENTIONAL breaks.  More walking / breathing / etc.  Even listening to a song.  Less scroll / check / etc.
4) Try for 10,000 steps / day
5) Meditate daily
6) Make evenings a time to focus on being present.  Ie BE THERE.  Do fun things.  Do not waste time & zone out.
(Also: Watch Olympics!  Totally counts.)
7) Get to know 2 new albums.  (new discovery today: Tele Novella)
8) Skincare – do routine each night
9) Continue pushups / running (ramp up to 20 mpw) / barre 2x/week
10) Cook Sunday dinners at home

A copying my outfit.
(Also yes Orla madness here.  Overkill I realize 🙂 )

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