Time Tracking: Day 5

September 17, 2016

Yesterday was kind of . . . meh.  I will say this exercise has been helpful in validating my desire to get off my @*#@-ing phone.  Seriously.  I’ve written numerous lists of things I would rather be doing than scrolling/browsing/half-heartedly online shopping (without buying, thankfully).

But I still do it, as demonstrated this past week.  Perhaps I will call it a baseline and try for another week where my only goal is to get rid of that time sink . . .

Day 5

4:55 up (alarm 4:50), plan, organize, coffee
5:40 run 4 miles
6:30 shower
6:45 downstairs, breakfast with kids
7:15 commute with Freakonomics (interesting episode about Libertarians)
8:00 work meeting, then patients

12:30 run to Publix (forgot to get La Croix for work party!) and grab lunch
1:00 patient calls / follow up, and also quick office party
4:55 commute home
5:40 hang out with A&C
6:10 dinner w/ kids
7:00 allow kids to watch movie, open my Hobonichi package (!!!), etc
8:00 bedtime routine, C and then A
8:45 both kids asleep, I don’t even know what I did but I’m pretty sure there was mindless scrolling
9:30 bed

preview of Hobonichi haul!!
might have been the highlight of my day . . .

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