pre-hurricane thoughts

October 5, 2016

We moved to Miami Beach 3 years ago, in August of 2013.  Hurricane Matthew is the first real threat to the area since then, and . . . I’m nervous!  I have never been in a hurricane.  There’s something especially daunting about the constant tracking of a huge weather formation slowly and relentlessly headed your way that I think adds to the hysteria — even more than the impact of a big snowstorm up north.

Plus, 100+ mph winds sound terrifying.

I *think* my office has already decided to close tomorrow (I live in the blue region on the map technically still expected to have more tropical-storm-like conditions, but work is at the very bottom of the red part = hurricane warning).  This is a good thing, because being away from the kids (and driving 25+ miles north) is absolutely not something I want to be doing in the midst of this storm.  One of my friends (who lives north) is fleeing to Tampa.  Everyone is getting gas and nonperishable groceries.  We have water and canned goods, though nowhere near the extensive “hurricane supply kit” that is recommended.

I am overdue to write a catch-up type post, but I can’t think of much else right now!  I am about to head out and run this morning because hey — it may be a while before I can go out again, depending on how we are hit.  
Here’s to hoping that it’s not so bad, and that we get to spend a cozy day at home *with* electricity and food and family.  On the up-side, neither Josh nor I are on call.  
Wish us luck!  I will update again in a day or so IF power allows . . .

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