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November 3, 2016

1) I remember when I suddenly realized that Annabel was old enough that she could be left in a room by herself.  Now we’re there with Cameron (though not for long periods and I still have to listen for suspicious activity or sibling/sibling aggression.  It’s totally weird.

2) I am intrigued by the wide-legged pants trend.  But I don’t think I can pull it off.  Actually, I am confused about pants in general.  It appears that there are skinny / flares / crops / straights / patterned. How can all of these be in style at once?

3) I am seriously in love with my nuuna notebooks.  If I wasn’t so obsessed with Hobonichi planners I would be using one for a bullet journal now.  Currently I use one as a brain-dump-type journal and it just makes me so happy every day.

4) Ana’s post made me think.  I’m still very undecided on the 3 issue.   Like deeply conflicted and confused.  I keep trying to get it out my mind but it keeps creeping back.

5) Cameron currently pronounces “w” as “y” which means he is always saying, “I yant that” or “I don’t yant that” and it is just the. cutest. thing. ever.  I need to be taking more videos of this ridiculously cute and poignant stage.

love this halloween pic that didn’t make it to the last post

(zoom in to see)
completed pre-training schedule (3rd page not shown)
it’s getting less disgusting here!

4 going on 14.  yes she is wearing heels . . .

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