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week in review and thoughts on Food Freedom Forever

November 28, 2016


I had a relatively inactive week the week prior, but definitely made up for it over the past 8 days!  Whew.  
M – 5 mi, 9:15/mi average.  It was 59 degrees!  Ave HR 167.  Felt fantastic in the cool weather.
T – Barre3 weekly workout (bodyweight workout, 30 minutes, hard!)
W – Intervals, 4 mi total.  1 mile warmup (10:10).  6 x 400m at following paces: 7:428:017:487:508:077:39.  Slow 400m jogs between each (~11:30/mi).  I didn’t push super hard on this and next time I’d like to try to get closer to 7:30 pace on the intervals.  Ave HR 170, 70F
R – Thanksgiving!  SUPER slow + relaxed run with some walking.  11:05/mi average, HR average 152, 79F and sunny.
F – 6 mi total – 1 warmup mile (10:18), then 2 at race pace (8:428:54), then 1 recovery (10:56), then 2 more at race pace (9:228:48).  Ave HR 170, 75F.
S – Barre3 40 minute workout
S – 8 mile long run at relaxed pace (10:15/mi, 64F, ave HR 156)
Total = 25 miles / 2 barre3 workouts
Well, it was Thanksgiving week!  So we did lots of eating out or with family and I didn’t have much of a meal plan.  It worked out, though.  This week I have all recipes from Run Fast Eat Slow and I’ll try to take some pix and report back.
I did make key lime pie (fave recipe) which turned out really well (if I do say so myself 🙂 ).
Blog posts / podcasts during a quiet week
Song Exploder – “Johann Johannson – Arrival”.  Song Exploder takes a song and dissects it piece by piece along with the artist.  This episode had a song from the Arrival soundtrack, which I want to see now!
Lagliv‘s post makes me want to book a family trip to Mexico.  Immediately.
SO — I read Food Freedom Forever a couple of weeks ago.  This book is written by one of the Whole30 creators, and I was intrigued by the idea that someone had written a whole book about finding that ‘forever’ balance with food.  Especially because lately, I have not felt particularly ‘free’ in this regard.  I am working out more, but not seeing the results I would like to see with respect to a) running speed or b) positive body changes.  I definitely think I need to add more strength training with heavier weights (barre3 is great and I am sore after the workouts, but I just have a feeling I’d see more ‘results’ by lifting more).   But I also think some of it is just eating too much crap (sugar, chips, processed #($*&@) and (therefore) weighing a few more pounds than I would like.
I love running.  I love getting faster.  I realize that yes, age is a factor and leads to slowdown at some point.  But I’m 36.  Should there really be this much of a difference between 36 and . . . 35?  My pre-kid times (okay, those are from >5 yrs ago, but still) are so much faster than I am now.  Does it matter, really?  No.  Not at all in the grand scheme of things.  But as a personal goal would I prefer to run faster?  Yes.
SO.  In the dual pursuit of faster running times, less negativity about my eating habits, AND better-fitting jeans, I went searching around and found Food Freedom Forever.  The idea sounded really appealing: “letting go of guilt, bad habits, and anxiety around food.”  However, I found myself debating the entire book and muttering under my breath as I read it.  The author recommends a Whole30 (30 days of squeaky clean grain/dairy/sugar/alcohol-free eating) and then a transition to more ‘normal’ foods, but then to go back to the Whole30 whenever you feel out of control again.  I mean, obviously it was more nuanced than that to fill an entire book, but to me that just sounded . . .terrible.  Like an invitation to yo-yo.  Like the very opposite of Food Freedom.
The truth is that I really believe I can reset WITHOUT such drastic measures, and hopefully find my own more permanent balance over the long haul.  I think her approach may make sense if one is very overweight and in need of a total food/lifestyle makeover.  But that is not me.  I am a runner, generally like healthy food, and just need to PUT THE SUGAR ON HOLD and watch portions a little.  I think that with consistent effort in small ways, I can get the results I want AND enjoy my life.  Which includes wine.  And dark chocolate.  And OMG gluten sometimes.
SO, I am now on plan, but it’s my own plan.  Just eating mostly healthy foods, cutting excess when it seems reasonable to do so, and keeping sugar to a minimum on non-special occasions.  I have faced this question many times before, but in my heart I just feel I am more of a moderator when it comes to food (and most things).  Abstaining will make me sad, potentially crazy, and would backfire.
I have decided to give myself at least until the new year to really try to just . . . moderate!  If it fails, the Whole30 will always be available come January.  I think NOT having to eliminate all wine will be motivation enough for me . . . will report back.  If my running times get faster in a month, we’ll know it’s working.

PS: planner series 2017 countdown starts tomorrow 😁


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