a year off of FB

January 20, 2017

I can’t figure out the exact date that I left Facebook behind, but I think it has been nearly a year since I decided on an “Unplugged30” challenge which involved . . . well, quitting Facebook.  Among other things.  I deactivated my account (rather than deleting it completely).  While there’s always the possibility of a return, I haven’t been tempted.

If I were to click “Log In” my account would be reactivated.
I’m 11.5 months in and honestly haven’t even really considered it.
Honestly, I have loooooooved not being on Facebook.  Reasons why:
1) I didn’t have to consume any political @*#&@ that I didn’t want to.  
2) I didn’t get sucked into the ClickBait that I used to get sucked into . . .a lot.  (Physician Mommy Group — ugh that name! — was my particular poison, and somehow it caused hours to simply . . .evaporate into nothingness).  
3) I feel like I control my social life more.  I don’t really know what others are doing (and funnily enough, when you don’t know, you don’t care!!  I have basically no FOMO.)
4) I do not compare myself to others as much.  I still use Instagram so I’m not immune to carefully-curated-life-image-envy, but it’s far less severe for me than FB, probably because my feed is pretty sparse and contains more planner pix than say, random high school classmates.
5) I do not find myself dragged into work when I don’t want to be (I’d get random novel-length endocrine questions from friends-of-friends or students wanting to rotate or what-have-you.  Sorry, but no.)
Reasons I have missed Facebook:
1) . . . . ?
I CAN’T EVEN THINK OF ONE.  If I haven’t kept up with certain relationships well – perhaps there’s a reason why.   I think 2017 will be FB-free as well.  #unplugged30 for the win!