minibreak is almost over. already!

January 2, 2017
I am not going to even attempt a comprehensive review of the last 7 days, but suffice it to say:
1) I was completely off of work, and have not looked at my EPIC (medical) inbox once
2) It was a great and much-needed break
3) I did have to spend the first ~4 days recovering from illness, but hey – at least it didn’t interfere with normal life/work, because that would have been awful
4) I am not quite feeling ready to go back tomorrow (like . . . 2-3 more days would be ideal!), but I’ll deal.
Plus, there are a lot of work projects starting up this year that I am excited about AND I have a big plan that will bring on some (hopefully positive) change.  So, I am determined to feel ready by the time my alarm goes off tomorrow.
Random highlight reel

Play space on one of my faux-SAHM days while Josh was working.  
The tiny faces up top are A&C 🙂
Glimpse of my current running training plan!  I decided to work with a coach, 
and I’ve changed up my race plans because I suspected I would not be ready to have a good race at the Miami half this year.
I can’t tell you how it’s going yet because I just started but I was happy to run this morning for the first time in a week (due to recovering from being sick)

superhero muffins.  Because mmmm.

post-Hanukkah crafting bliss

post-new-year planner bliss
(for those of you asking about my planner companion notebook, it’s shown in this pic.  This year’s version is from the Hobonichi company and is filled with graph paper.  I will definitely gift you more pix from this in the days to come.

one of many fun playdates!

sunny outdoor vibes in a little park in North Miami
Happy January!  Last year I posted every single day until mid-February.  I might make an attempt to better my 2016 streak . . .

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