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January 6, 2017

A new year.  Another shooting.  My heart hurts to think that just 5 miles north of where I was working a the time, innocent and unsuspecting people had their lives taken.  I am sure they had families.  Plans, hopes, dreams.  It is yet another reminder that we cannot take any day, hour, moment even for granted.

It was timely that I read Ana’s post on her word for the year, and was inspired to think about mine.  Hers absolutely echoes this truth of the transient and precious nature of our lives, and I think mine is somewhat similar:


2016, I chose peace.  And it wasn’t a very peaceful year.

But BREATHE is something I can choose to do regardless of what is going on around me.  I can breathe and be present, or breathe and focus on my own breath — turning inward.  I can start every morning with mindful breathing, an intentional opening to each day.  I can try to breathe and slow down when things get stressful or don’t go according to ‘plan’, and I can remember to pause and breathe when life seems like it is hurtling by at a dizzying pace.  I also hope it sparks the reminder that no breath can really be taken for granted.

I still hope for peace, and maybe this year will surprise us all.  But if not, I will hold my family close, be grateful for what I have, and breathe through it all.

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