Random Observations

January 12, 2017

1)  There is something about the beginning of the year that feels disorienting to me.  Maybe it’s the new planner.   How are we 1/3 through January already!?

2) The kids often seem to play better together when I ignore them.  (They are currently absorbed in LEGOS while I write this).  Wonder if this tactic is in the parenting books!?

3) Tahini + olive oil + salt + pepper makes the most delicious salad dressing ever.

4) I think I have worn black pants (of some kind, I have 3 pairs in rotation) to work every day for the past 2 weeks.   This might be my new weekday uniform (weekend uniform: jeans + striped tees).

5) A & C will often eat exactly the opposite foods from their plates.  They may be doing this to play with my mind.  (Tonight: served hot dogs in whole wheat buns, green beans, some raw veg with dressing to dip.  Cameron ate 1.5 hot dogs, no bun, and half the green beans.  Annabel ate 1 bun, no hot dogs, and all the raw veg dipped in dressing but not the green beans.  Isn’t it hilarious that I used to have non-picky children?)

6) Morning pep talks in written form actually kind of help:

Finally, thank you for all of your comments on yesterday’s post!  I honestly hadn’t realized how common it was for boys to go past 3 (in residency we were really taught to push for earlier . . . not exactly sure why that was the culture, but it was).  I think I will just let him spend more time diaperless when it’s convenient but otherwise leave him alone for a while.

Also, I am kind of on a roll with the following in 2017 so far:
– meditation
– flossing
– healthy eating (generally)
– skincare
– daily #happier2017 post

The year is young though . . . we’ll see how things go!

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