training report: week 1/9

January 10, 2017

Miami Beach 1/2 Training – Week 1
(coming back from illness)

M – 3 miles, 79F, ave 9:47/mi, ave HR 169


W – 4 miles, 73F, ave 9:37/mi, ave HR 178
5 minute leg strength work (bodyweight stuff – nothing crazy)


F – 5 miles, 64F, ave 9:48/mi, ave HR 175
5 minute core workout


S – 6 miles, a glorious 54F, 9:29/mi, ave HR ?? (didn’t pick up HR on this run I think my battery was too low)

quite a lovely route
1) I am running faster (though certainly still not setting any records).  
2) I think part of this is that I know someone is ‘watching’ my paces
3) Part of it is that it FINALLY COOLED DOWN!  (unfortunately this is not going to last)
4) Part of it might be nutritional in that I’ve finally managed to get back to healthier eating habits 
5) Part of it might be those ‘rest’ days!  It’s actually really refreshing not to run on legs completely tired out from barre3.  Hmm.
6) Finally, part of it might be the Hamilton soundtrack I have been playing on repeat.  Such great running music.  I’m sure it has entertained many during a half or marathon.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of it soon, but it has been fun to just allow myself to indulge in replaying this at high volume.  
On to week 2!!

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