April 21, 2017

Hi.  I didn’t mean to disappear, but . . . you know.  Call happens.  It actually wasn’t a terribly hectic week, but something about it just saps my creative energy.  But I’m off today!  SO, hi.   Thus far I have:

a) slept in

b) come to the kids’ school for their school Shabbat (apparently a lot of parents go, who knew?) – I was actually assigned to take some videos for a pre-K graduation project.  Apparently I am a volunteer now.  Once in a while, anyway.

c) gone to get my TSA Pre-Check!  I honestly though this was some arduous process and only meant for fancy businesspeople.  Um, no.  It’s $85 for 5 years’ worth of sailing through the airport security line, and best part – kids under 12 come with a registered member, FREE!  I’m going to be taking both kids on a flight by myself in a few weeks and I decided to look into Pre-Check to make our airport experience easier.

It was not a big deal at all to book an appointment and then show up with my passport and ID.  And now it’s done.  Yay 🙂

Life has been flowing along.  I have been continuing my social-media-free existence (I am not counting blogs here, as I still browse through & comment on my favorite sites).  It is actually really surprising to me how little I miss Instagram.  I thought I’d be in withdrawal but . . . no.  And off of it, I’m realizing how many ‘commercials’ seemed to sneak their way in there and take up residence in my brain.  I feel oddly free.  And not really all that disconnected (probably because I just don’t know what I’m missing!).

Random links & recommendations:

Book:  I read Deep Work by Cal Newport on a recent trip.  It was not necessarily so applicable to my job (is medical practice really all that ‘Deep’?  Most of the time I’d argue no, but it’s still hard and important).  That said, it was full of interesting ideas.  I didn’t agree with every word, but I’d recommend it as food for thought.

Podcast:  I’m halfway through S-Town.  YESS this has this intriguing addictive quality that was present in Serial’s Season 1 (2 didn’t do it for me).   Highly recommend.

New planner option on the horizon:  Full Focus Planner.  Hmmm, intriguing.  I am actually not really making the most of my Hobonichi lately (I know, horrors!).  Every few years I get the urge to change up my system.  Could it be time!?  (Hopefully not in April, but maybe for next year).

Movies:  We saw both Passengers and Arrival recently (both rented at home).  Both recent sci-fi movies.  One (Arrival) with critical acclaim.  I actually liked Passengers much more!  It was such interesting setup and I think the acting was great.

Hoping to be back more frequently.  I keep feeling like I have to wait until I have something earth-shattering to say before I jump on, but then I remember that some of my favorite blogs lately are filled with some of the most mundane details, and so I should probably just lower the bar.


Annabel & her allowance!  Beginning at age 5 we’re giving her $3/week.  We’ll see how this goes (and if we can remember)


  • Reply SusannahEarlyBd March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Anabel! Looks twelve in that photo! I love when you can see kids’ mature faces in a glimpse. Also, I’m Loving S Town right now, too. Please let us know how the allowance goes. It’s something we are considering too.

  • Reply Khar March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Very intrigued by the Full Focus Planner. I bought an Ink and Volt one but haven’t started it yet. I’m also thinking of moving back to a digital system. I looked into todoist today. There just seem to be too many moving parts to easily keep track of on paper.

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