belated weekend, workouts, and (a bit) more

July 25, 2017

Weekend, by the numbers:

0630 = daily wakeup time by the kids BOTH days (oh well)

2 = naps I took!  Thank you Josh!

90 = daily temp.  Although I can’t complain, I actually think our weather has been milder than many southeastern areas (my sister texted me that I was missing out on 98 degree weather in NC.  ugh!)

5 = “anchor events” I’d say we had.  One children’s museum trip, one family brunch, one date night, a casual brunch at our house, and A’s ballet class (does that count?).  It was a full weekend.  Hence my need for 2 naps.

art projects @ MiChiMu

2 = kids who can swim!  Cameron still needs supervision, but he can swim short distances, taking breaths and generally saving himself from demise.  Both kids are obsessed with jumping in 939393 times.

384 = times I think the kids have watched Trolls.   It just doesn’t seem to get old for them . . . luckily the soundtrack is pretty catchy.

#1 = personal ranking of my new fave Miami restaurant!  Locals, check out KYU.  Everything we had was great, but especially fantastic highlights included a lemongrass-topped avocado salad, mushrooms in this absolutely magical sauce, and a perfect layered coconut cake finale.  Even my virgin mojito was delicious!  (note:   I will say it is much easier to get up with your children at 6:30 am post-date-night when you do not drink anything.  BUT I still miss wine.)

124 = minutes Moment says I spent on my phone.  Not amazing, not terrible.

pregnancy wk 20

M – Treadmill, 3 mi in 32:46 (2 longer running chunks with a 2-min walk break in the middle)

T – Barre3 weekly workout (30 min)

W – Treadmill, 3.5 mi, 40 min (8 min run, 2 min walk breaks x 4)

R – Treadmill, 4 mi in 45 min: run 1 mi / walk / run 0.5 mi x 2 / walk / run 0.25 mi x 2


S – Treadmill, ran continuously, 3.42 mi in 36 min.  This was actually my first run without walk breaks in forever!

S – Barre3 prenatal workout (30 min, gentle)

Miles – 13.9; Barre3 – x2

Final note:

The new golden coil planners I am slightly fixated on go up on Kickstarter today!  (Or at least they are supposed to  . . . let’s hope!).  I will be purchasing one in the name of market research (and also because I WANT.)

And a random bump pic
Taken at work yesterday.  I have done very little documenting of this pregnancy, photo-wise.  Here’s 20 1/2 weeks 🙂