social media, podcast progress, and more

July 27, 2017

I realized this morning that people can message you when you post an Instagram story.  Apparently there were several messages sitting there that I was just ignoring, but . . now I know.

AHHHHH social media.  I am really trying to cut down on my phone use in general.  I am still extremely happy with my decision to inactive my Facebook account nearly 18 months ago (!), and have no desire to go back.  I don’t use Pinterest or Twitter (never got into that).  Snapchat is just . . . not for me (I think I’m about a decade too old).

So, that leaves me with Instagram.  Which I enjoy, but find it hard to strike a balance.  When i’m actively experiencing something, I’m torn between the urge to share/record and the more mindful side of me that wants that phone OUT of the picture entirely.  At the same time, life seems to be moving so fast and the kids are growing up at breakneck speed.  I WANT to preserve many of these moments for posterity, and I also enjoy sharing some of the ups (and appropriate downs) with friends/families/others in the trenches.

I guess there’s no real answer here.  I actually really enjoyed posting to regular Instagram daily (I did this in January using the #happier2017 hashtag, inspired by that podcast) but I also see the fun in showing snippets of daily life in the Stories feature.  That said:

a) Josh is SOOOO not into it (and I respect his stance)

b) it can get overly addicting

c) I do feel that I live a more peaceful existence in general when my phone is out of sight.

Which social media platforms do you use?  How do you strike a balance between sharing/recording and keeping the *$(&@#@ing phone out of sight?

Okay!  And now for a podcast update.  I’m still amazed at the interest, and really excited to move forward with this project!  A pilot recording session has even been set up — I promise I will share details when I can, but I will say that the general topic is going to be about working motherhood — but definitely with a positive slant, because I do believe in my heart that even the tougher seasons aren’t necessarily the slog they are made out to be.

At some of your recommendations, I have been listening to some more family-oriented, more conversational podcasts to get ideas, and really like the tone of Girl Next Door podcast, so think of a hybrid between that and Happier (hey, might as well aim high!), with a slant towards professional work/life balance.

I (we) need your help with a NAME!  IF we use one that is submitted by one of you via this blog, I will personally thank the submitter by buying them a 2018 planner of their choice, up to $100 value (Hobonichi perhaps?  An Erin Condren or Day Designer?  Or the mysterious new Golden Coil?).  So far, I’ve come up with In the Thick of It, but I think that might be a little too martyr-y, when I’m looking to project the opposite vibe.  I’d like something that is a positive spin on making the most of a busy life filled with career and family.

Notes from my day off, so far:
I slept until 6:30 am today.  It was amazing.

I ran outside in 85 degree weather.  That was . . . interesting.  I think I’m going back to the treadmill until at least October.

I have a work meeting that I couldn’t get out of and will have to drive ~90 minutes for just an hour of actual work time.  Total part-time FAIL, but then again I do duck out of the office of OB appointments on work days from time to time (the office is literally 3 minutes from my office, and the visits are QUICK) so it’s probably fair.