August Goals

August 1, 2017
This is a BIG month, with a lot of exciting goals and happenings.  Annabel will start KINDERGARTEN on the 21st, which feels terrifying, exciting, and slightly impossible.  A podcast will hopefully be born (!), or at least pilot episodes recorded.  I will be giving Grand Rounds at work, which is actually not so high-stress since I’ll be just updating a presentation I gave earlier this year at an outside institution, but is important nonetheless.
I have zero call weekends for the entirety of August, and I will be closing in on the 3rd trimester by the end of the month (not sure how that happened).   WHEW!

1) Launch podcast!  Or at the very least record pilot episodes and get close.  Name to hopefully be finalized soon (so I can let you all know if someone won a planner!).
2) Finalize fall activity schedule for A&C.  I probably am making things more complex than they need to be with a 3+5 year old, but a) the school day isn’t all that long and b) there are a lot of great activities available in our area (gymnastics! swimming! soccer!  drama!  art!  etc etc etc), so I’m in the process of getting all of this finished.  Many of them are staying just 1 hr after school (so until 3 instead of 1:50 or 2) so it’s not as overscheduled as it potentially sounds.  But I need to get all the signups complete + finalized.
3) Start 2016 photobook.  I always seem to get to this in the fall.  Usually it’s October, so I’m 1 month ahead of the game!  The good news is that once I get it started it’s not all that hard to get a lot done.

1) Give a polished Grand Rounds.  I’ve been at my current institution 4 years, but this is my first Grand Rounds!  So, kind of a big deal.  Luckily I gave GR on the same topic at another institution in January so there won’t be too much prep work, but I still want to update things and be ready to give a great talk.
2) Interview prep sessions.  As part of my residency associate program director role, I am prepping our faculty for interviews!  I have to run the first session myself (PD is away) so I am focused on making this successful.
3) 670G training.  New pump is out and I haven’t been trained on it yet – need to get on this.  The device market in diabetes has undergone a revolution recently and it’s very exciting.  I’m not sure this one is going to be the holy grail, but it’s a pump/sensor combo that looks promising and also makes me think that things will explode further very soon.

1) Average less than 60 minutes per day on Moment (phone tracking app).  Bonus if I can keep every day to under 60 minutes!  This is going to require  a lot of Intentional Phone Putting-Down on my part, but I feel sooo much better when I do it.
2) Read daily, even if only in short bouts.  I am in the middle of  the novel Touch and then our next book club book is Loner (also fiction).  If I get through both of these and maybe start a new nonfiction book I’ll be happy.
3) Take prenatal daily + eat with pregnancy nutrition intention.  My eating habits have been meh this pregnancy.  My first tri was nutritionally hideous.  Things are better now, but I’m still eating more empty carbohydrates/sugar + fewer nutrient-dense foods than the ideal.  Working on it!
4) Run 3-4x/week + strength 2x/week  I’ve been great at getting the runs in but only so-so on the barre/strength — typical for me!  Question:  Has anyone ever gone to Orange Theory for the first time . . . pregnant?  Is this a bad idea?  
Happy AUGUST!  I have new contacts in (tiny monthly pleasure), 3 days of call left, and feel ready for a great month.


  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Wow! Amazing that 3rd tri is approaching! Congrats!!

    I am so impressed that you are making the podcast happen. That’s something that I would think about doing….but I am so impressed you are following through. Kudos to you!

  • Reply Sophia March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    I’m a few weeks behind you in my 3rd pregnancy. I haven’t been to OTF but have a lot of friends who do it and it seems intense/high impact and I’m not sure it’s something I would start pregnant. For reference, I’m running >1 min/mile slower now than pre pregnancy and feel winded much more easily though I’m still doing some lower intensity HIIT/intervals though not sure how long I’ll be able to keep that up.

  • Reply Emily March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    I have done OTF, but not while pregnant. However, I think you could definitely handle it, especially because you’re already a (pregnant and non-pregnant) runner! You would probably just set your base pace on the treadmill lower than you would while non-pregnant, and you’d be fine. The rowing shouldn’t be a problem, and the weights could be modified if there are any uncomfortable or non-pregnant friendly exercises (particularly abs). However, OTF is pretty corporate/standardized/whatever you want to call it, so I’d suggest you call your local branch in advance and ask if they have any policies about pregnancy, because you wouldn’t want to go and have them turn you away or tell you that you have to sit an entire part of the session out or something.

  • Reply RMS March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    Big fan here. Was wondering if you’d mind sharing where this great planner is from? Apologies if you’ve already covered it. Thanks!

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