weekend notes, school start + more

August 29, 2017

First of all, HARVEY.  My thoughts are with Houston and the rest of southeast TX.  I honestly cannot believe the photos I am seeing.  My heart goes out to anyone with ties to the area.  Thinking about that kind of disaster and what it would be like reinforces in my mind the importance of family, health, and safety above anything else.  We may feel safe at any given moment, but the truth is that nothing is guaranteed.  I came across this list of places to donate on Lagliv‘s blog, and personally chose All Hands, based on ratings and their global vision.

Much of what I have to write about feels trivial in that shadow, but regularly scheduled life has continued on down here, several states to the east.  We had a stormy weekend (NOTHING in comparison to the above obviously), with lots of hunkering down and hanging out at home.

Other highlights to this list:  Jars of Clay – “Flood”, Travis – “Why Does It Always Rain on Me”, Prince – “Purple Rain”, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and yep, Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain”.  Emphasis on the one-hit wonders πŸ™‚
I tried to get into the hygge-spirit of it all.  But, to be completely honest, I sort of failed.  The kids were fine, but I was distracted and spent waaaaay too much time on my phone and sulking around.  
We did cap things off well with a dinner at Tequiztlan, which Cameron slept through right on to bedtime . . . and until 4:45 AM.  Josh got to enjoy this lovely (ha) one-on-one time with C since I had gotten up with the kids on Saturday, at the much more civilized hour of 6.  Thankfully I think they are back on their normal schedule now (bedtime 7:15-8 pm, wakeup 6:30-7 am).  Whew.
Sunday was better.  
We hit up Young At Art, an art-themed children’s museum about 40 minutes away.   (Note to the locals: MCM membership gets you half-off at YAA!).  
Once home, we capped things off with a playdate/dinner with one of A’s friends who had started at a different school one district to the north.  They compared notes and we all ate sushi – which worked out well.  
SCHOOL START – round #2
And then yesterday — C started his year of preschool!  He’s in the 3-4 class, the year before pre-K.  I remember that A grew up sooo much in this class, and I am super excited that he has the same (excellent!) teacher.  Having attended camp in the same classroom for most of the summer, he was completely unfazed by the transition.

Happy he wasn’t left out this time (unlike last week!)

In his element
I am feeling hopeful and excited about this school year!  I did probably plan one (or two . . .) many activities for them, but we’ll see how that all plays out and revise for the spring when things are going to be a lot more low-key, partly by necessity (you know, new baby and all that).  
1) Hobonichi store opens this week for 2018 planners!  I have made my final decision.  I think.  (To be discussed in a future post).  
2) New podcast episode will be up today!  Episode #4 (by the way, we are going to add numbers to the titles based on some feedback!) is focused on childcare, and because we couldn’t stop talking about the topic, it’s an extra-long one.  We discuss day care, au pairs, nannies, and all things related to kid care.  We don’t get to outsourcing in general as much — that will be a whole other episode (probably somewhere around 7-9!).  
PS: we are thrilled to have received >7000 downloads so far!  Thank you, and keep the iTunes reviews, suggestions, and comments coming!! 
Workout report: 8.21 – 8.27
pregnancy week #25

M – 40 min treadmill – 15 min run / 2 min walk / 10 min run / 2 min walk / 7 min run, run paces 5 – 5.2 mph
T – 34 min treadmill, 5 min run / 2 walk repeated x 5, 5 – 5.4 mph
W – Barre30 30 min workout
F – Ran outside! 3.44 mi in 41 min.  75F (COLD SNAP) – run segments @ ~11:10 – 11:30/mi with 3 2-minute walk breaks
S – Ran outside again before rain started.  3.2 mi in 38 min.  79F.  Pattern of 6 min run (10:30-10:50/mi) then 2 min walk x 4, capped off with 3 min run at the blazing pace of 9:34/mi.  
S – REST, was supposed to do barre but way too tired