last call weekend in 2017 – MADE IT. and happy thanksgiving.

November 27, 2017
I’m writing this on borrowed time, because C fell asleep at 5:30 pm last night (!) while watching an episode of Wild Kratts and it is currently 6:01 am.  Apparently the past 4 days were successful in tiring both kids out.
They definitely had a similar effect on me . . . but I wanted to pop in with a little celebratory decree that I am done with all on-call duties until March!  I am not sure why my schedule ended up so call-heavy this fall, but it was.  I was on every 3rd week (and weekend) for the past 12 – at 29 wks, 32 wks, 35 wks, and 38 wks pregnant.
I am just so. freaking. happy not to be in the hot seat looking like this anymore:
over it
This picture is a lie, because I am smiling.  In reality I was quite surly for most of the weekend.  There was just such a wide gap between what I felt like doing (NESTING, RESTING, HANGING WITH FAMILY) and what I was doing (rounding, answering calls, etc).  I was feeling extra emotional and needy . . . I’m sure it’s hormonal.  
Josh basically took on all of the childcare duties and I did what I could between work and needing to rest.  I am not done with work (at all) yet — my last day is slated for 12/7, 2 days before I am due.  However, there is a big difference between my everyday outpatient routine and having unpredictable call responsibilities.  I am just so happy to be done with the latter!  YAYYYYY!
The kids had fun with family at our typical Miami Beach Thanksgiving festivities – lots of family time, swimming (yep, it’s definitely still outdoor swimming weather here), and outdoor play.  Josh took the kids to 2 different museum (sans me, while I rounded) and yesterday I was able to come as we attempted to ditch A’s training wheels at the park (not quite ready yet, but making progress).
C’s class Thanksgiving – A was out of school and got to come!

out to brunch yesterday – the one day I didn’t have to round in the hospital!

What else is up?
* I just finished a novel (I’m Glad About You) and liked it as light reading.  I read it on my phone as I’m waiting for my library titles (and okay, some online physical book orders) to come in!  I have to admit it was pretty comfortable to have a lit screen in bed.  I am thinking of making a 180 from my stance on digital books (I usually prefer paper) and buying a Kindle paperwhite.  Thoughts?
* Josh and I watched the first episode of This is Us last night.  Now I get why everyone loves it.  Already hooked.
* I may have completed my last run — done at 37 weeks, 4 days:

I’m feeling sort of generally tired & ready to just rest/walk until baby comes.  We’ll see what happens!
* I’m excited that it is full on END-OF-YEAR-REFLECTION season!  If I get enough time before baby comes, I’m going to try to features some interesting planner options that I wish I could try (seriously, I wish I could try them all!).  I will be customizing my golden coil planner today (thinking of using it as a work planner/notebook, or some kind of backup!? not sure).  But still primarily planning to use the Hobonichi.
* I am working on a 2017 playlist and want to finish the family calendar (a gift I give each year to my in-laws on Josh’s side).  I want to order New Years cards too BUT also want baby to be in the pic, so . . . I guess we’ll just hold off on that one!
* And I still need to pack a hospital bag.  I guess.  
Happy Monday!  I’m probably the only one thrilled the past 4 days are over, but . . . there you have it.  On to normal non-call life and 12 days until my due date 🙂  Yay.