November Goals

November 3, 2017

It is possible that I will have baby #3 this month, though I am not due until December 9 and am sort of assuming a 40-week pregnancy since that’s all I’ve ever experienced!  That said . . . assuming nothing crazy happens, I have a lot I’d like to accomplish before she arrives.

All throughout 2017, I’ve been using the monthly pages in my Hobonichi to lay out goals for the month.  Do I accomplish everything on the list?  UM NO.  But it’s nice to at least have a road map of things I’m aiming for!

(NOTE:  the planning episode of BoBW is coming eventually, I promise 🙂  We haven’t recorded it yet but are aiming for an air-date in December when people are thinking about  . . . planners!)

A picture is worth 1000 words and I don’t feel secretive about any of these goals, so . . . here ya go!

1) I have had the 2016 photobook on my list since like . . . January.  It’s always the first thing to get shoved to “later” — one of those important but not in any way urgent kinds of tasks.  I AM DETERMINED to do it before #3 is born!  Which means it’s now getting a bit more urgent.
2) I’m somewhat stressed about my work to-do-list (especially the big talk I am giving in a couple of weeks) but hope to spend this weekend focused on prepping it while I am on call and have childcare. I’ll feel 9000 times better once that presentation is done!
3) Yep, I’m going to try continuing time tracking throughout the month!  I’m finding it kind of addicting in a way.  I’m not planning on continuing forever, but perhaps through the month.
4) I like to put an “EVENTS” section in there filled with things to look forward to.  The magic of anticipation!  It’s real.
Happy Nov!  
PS: Maybe one year I’ll try NaNoWriMo.  I actually considered it but decided this was probably not the right time!  It’s such a cool concept though.

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