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November 30, 2017

I am very excited to have this day with nothing much planned (does a mani/pedi count?) to breathe and organize and generally luxuriate in my own laziness towards the end of this pregnancy.  No labor signs at all (I’m 38 5/7) and hopefully I won’t jinx myself by writing this post, because at this point I feel like I have a chance to wrap up loose ends + rest + am generally not in a hurry.

(My tune has changed from last week,  probably because I’m done with call, and also because I’m feeling pretty decent — I stopped running but can get around okay and honestly STILL stand by my decree that 38 weeks beats 8 weeks any day in my three experiences with pregnancy!).  I will be working next Monday – Thursday and then at 39 5/7 I will call it done, mostly because I take one day off/week anyway and my due date is next Saturday!

SO.  Some random updates + recommendations:
1) I made a slightly ridiculous playlist for 2017spotify list.  It’s a bit silly to share because it has actual favorite songs from 2017 mixed with songs that somehow had meaning in our house (Disney Descendants soundtrack or Trolls, anyone?).  That said, feel free to check it out in all of its randomness.  And I highly recommend making a yearly playlist!  It’s totally fun and makes you reminisce in a nice way . . .  and if you HAVE made one, share the link, it will make my list-nerd-self happy to check out someone else’s faves.

2) I’m reading this book (and for the record I 100% do not hate my husband, but I thought it was a great premise for a book and would make good podcast material).  

Interestingly, I feel that we do a lot of what the author suggests already and I am very grateful that we seem to have figured it out earlier than she did.  It’s written in a lighthearted style but also contains a lot of valuable ideas.  I am halfway through, but thus far recommend it (even if the title also does not apply to you, either!!).
3) New podcast ep is up from Tuesday – LV and I discuss gender stereotypes.  We touch on workplace issues but spend a good amount of time on kid-related norms.  

pic of C’s bed, dolls paci & all, preserved for posterity on our Podcast Insta
We’ve had our biggest month thus far in November (and there’s still one more day) and are up to 60,000 downloads!  
I am excited for December’s episodes which will feature some really fun guests & topics + my (promised) planner-sode 🙂
4) Tagged posts in my feedly:  Brittany’s favorite meals to bring a new mom (not expecting anyone to bring anything but I like all of her ideas and the sentiment!) and Laura’s reasons NOT to simplify the holiday season.  
5) That said, I need to simplify shopping and do 100% of it on the computer because going to stores during this time of year DOES NOT SPARK ANY JOY for me.  And I am sad to say I am not as ahead of the game as I anticipated . . . and Hanukkah apparently starts Dec 12.  Getting all orders in will be a project for this weekend!
6) A really enticing planner that I am not using (FYI non-spon shout-out, I have no relationship whatsoever with this company!) – 
I follow Inkwell Press (on Insta), and lately have been very taken by the aesthetics and functionality of their products.  I also found the associated Productivity Paradox podcast and have listened to a few episodes — it’s impressive!  The company’s founder Tonya Dalton is a woman who definitely sees the value of regular, structured and focused planning — which definitely speaks to my own heart.  
I will not be using an IWP product next year because I am already set with my Hobonichi (and various accessories, plus a Golden Coil notebook I plan on using for work  🙂 ).  But I would definitely encourage anyone with planner wanderlust to check her products out!  


  • Reply gwinne March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Hi, Sarah. I always love your planner recs. I use a moleskine weekly; I like having a whole page for notes, to do lists, etc. alongside space for writing daily appointments. It works well enough though I wonder about moving to something new. I looked at the Inkwell ones and love the LOOK. But the format of the weekly wouldn’t work, and the daily is undated, which would make me insane. If you have ideas (and the time to write it up!) I’d welcome your ideas.

    Best wishes on the last days of pregnancy; my latest went to 38w5d (medically mandated induction)…I always felt like I missed out on the end.

  • Reply Emma March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    I’m a total sucker for the IWP look too, so I got an IWP weekly and daily and am planning to combine them using the discbound system so I can plan like a Hobonichi user in an IWP product . . . we’ll see how it goes. I also love the IWP podcast (in addition to yours!).

  • Reply Young March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    I got the coiled IWP for the first time after using Erin Condren for years. It”s very pretty although a tiny bit bulkier than the Erin Condren which I already considered big enough. It has some cool features which the EC lacks, but I do miss the stickers that come with the EC. I love stickers. I watched 3 of the planning videos that come with the IWP, but I started feeling overwhelmed by them so just gave up on them. I”ll just figure out my own planning method!

  • Reply Jon March 10, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Good One

  • Reply Sean March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    These are all excellent tips, I already see a few things I can implement into my life to make it a little smoother.

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