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December 20, 2017

My parents are here!  And we are all sort of settling into a semblance of routine.  (Which of course, makes me extremely happy).

I probably have just a few minutes before G wakes up and the kids return from swim class, so I will limit myself to a few catchup bullet points here . . . hopefully more details about NewbornMatLeaveLife to come 🙂

Two Best of Both Worlds episodes have aired since my last post!

Episode 19 features one of my podcasting/blogging idols, Anne Bogel.  I’ve been following her blog and listening to her podcast for quite some time, and it was surreal to actually have book selections offered to me in her calm, soothing, amaaaazing radio voice IN REAL LIFE.  We discuss finding time to read, ways to get back on the reading train when you have fallen off, and lots of book recs!  I have already gone through 2 of her recommendations and This Is How It Always Is is one of my favorites, possibly ever.  I don’t think Anne even knows that I treat children with gender dysphoria as part of my job, but it was basically a perfect-fit book for me.  I plan on bringing it to a future book club.

* Episode 20 is the much-discussed PlannerSode, in which I blather on about planners/planning for almost the entire time.   Feel free to ignore if that sounds boring (though if so, I am not sure you’d be reading this blog – ha!).  I had so much fun doing it and I hope that comes across!

The kids are adjusting.  Slowly but surely.  I think it will be a transitional few months, but so far I am just trying to give A&C (esp C) attention whenever I can, while making a big deal out of it (“Cameron, let’s go to your room to play trains together for special mommy play time”).

first bath was a family affair

G is overall a very good baby so far.  She is sleeping pretty well – 3-4 hour stretches most nights, then a 2-3 hour one after that.  She isn’t fussy overall.  I know SO MUCH could change so not getting overconfident yet!

hand = for scale
on her new quilt hand-sewn by my aunt

Breastfeeding is good EXCEPT it’s super painful on one side.  I am using the Medela Hydrogel pads and have ordered some lanolin.  I don’t remember the pain lasting so long – and I can’t tell if it’s a latch issue or just that she destroyed that side during the hourly feedings she had the first 2 days or so and now it’s just having trouble recovering?  I keep considering getting a lactation consultant to come (my pediatrician doesn’t have one in the office sadly) but am hoping it will get better and become a non-issue . . . if anyone has experiences to share/advice to offer, let me know!

Okay!  My borrowed time is almost up, so I will leave you with teasers of things I want to discuss in future posts:

– our rhythms right now so far
– 2018 goals / word of the year
– what worked / what didn’t last year
– top 10 fave books of 2017 (definitely includes the one mentioned above!) 

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