planning makeover submissions & updates

January 30, 2018

Yay!  I’m excited that so many of you expressed interest in a) an ebook (no real timeline for this yet, but I really think I could do it!) and b) a planning makeover.  Josh actually suggested this, because if I’m going to preach about methods that work, I need to try them out on others who are NOT me or exactly like me.

I think I’ll start with 3 of you, because I don’t want to be overwhelmed!  In order to make things fair and effective, I’d like anyone seriously interested in a planning makeover to fill out a questionnaire (see below).  Then, if you are selected, we’ll schedule two 20 minute phone interviews — one for me to give tips & suggestions, and one later to follow up and see how it went.

If you are interested, please fill out this survey HERE.  I’ll select 3 of you to start, aiming for different types of jobs & planning dilemmas.


Other updates:

1) I have 5 weeks of maternity leave left.  However, I will admit I am thinking my last week (#12) will be a week of transition – doing some work at home (including clinical work, calling patients and cleaning out my inbox!) in order to make the real start date go well.  I also need to seriously get things rolling on the GME front (scheduling and prepping noon conferences & morning report, and just a lot of faculty organization).  Part of me bristles at this (since it will be unpaid) but I really want the transition back in to be successful and smooth.  Ideally, I could be paid for working from home for 15-20 hours but . . . this is not likely something I want to ask for.

2) G continues to be the best baby.  She slept 6 hours last night!  I know there are babies that STTN at this age but . . . well, I’ve never had one.  6 hours is — compared to what I am used to — absolutely a dream.  I know it may not last (helloooooo various sleep regressions) but I am enjoying it while I can.  This morning I actually got up and pumped after she ate at 3:30 and then slept for another 2 glorious hours.  Amazing.

3) I am continuing to do workouts using The Dia Method.  For the first time ever I actually took measurements and am happy to say there are some changes happening.  That said – I have no idea if that would have happened anyway just with the passage of time.   I’m doing the 6 week challenge because I love having a ‘program’ (yeah I know, upholder alert).  Not sure what I will do when I’m done but I am considering trying Beachbody.  My SIL swears by it and I want to do more strength.  Probably thinking 2-3 strength sessions and 2-3 runs/week will be my goal.

4) I am reading sooooo much.  Seriously, I have never read this much in my entire life.  I think I was inspired by Laura and Anne and . . . well, maternity leave really IS the best time for binge reading!  I am super excited to post my books read in January.  Coming soon, because I might finish one more . . .

Some random pix . . .

C with a friend on his playdate this weekend – a new family we hadn’t hung out with before!
It went really well.