back to work: superficial things

March 2, 2018
Monday = Launch Day.
In addition to doing practical things (looking at my work inbox, patient schedule, moving a pump + extra parts + a mini-fridge to my office, bringing G to say hi) — I spent this week doing some superficial things.
Superficial.  But important!
They include:
1) HAIR.  I went for my Japanese Straightening appointment last Friday.  This is a 5 hour process, so it required a mid-session pump (and was the first and only time I left G for a feeding to date . . .agh).  (note: I dumped it because there were chemicals all over my hair at the time).  
I left feeling more like myself than I had for months.  HAIR MATTERS.  At least to me.
(triumphant selfie sent to Josh upon return home from hair appt!)
2) MAKEUP.  I am a major work in progress in this area, but I have decided that I have reached the age where a little makeup adds something.  It makes me look a little more awake and professional, if nothing else.  I honestly had been in a routine of only eyeshadow + mascara for a looooong time now, and hadn’t even bothered to apply these most of the time during maternity leave.
Part of having my game face on meant going to get some new products, so I headed to Nordstrom.  I left with a serum-type foundation, bronzer/blush, new eyeshadow palette, and lip color from Dior, as well as refills of my favorite mascara (this one) and makeup remover.  I am not wearing any of these (or anything for that matter) in the above pic so you’ll just have to use your imagination.
I still want a highlighter / brightener / concealer product.  Anyone have a favorite to recommend? (Thus far I have heard great things about this.  Although I have gone negative in my allowance so this will have to wait a while!)
3) CLOTHES.  Ahh, the toughest part of going back when your body is . . . not.  While I am not far from my previous size, I’m not quite there either, particularly in the chest + waist.  These key areas make it tough to fit into previously close-fitting pants + dresses, plus there is the pump to contend with (need easily strip-able outfits).  
I think my current look is going to be a lot of wrap/button down dresses, because they’re easy to pull down and pump, supplemented with black slim pants/less fitted shirts.  Some women swear by button downs but I’d rather wear things that hang looser for now when I’m wearing pants!
I placed an order from Boden one size up from usual (note #1: Boden runs small, so this was a number I am not used to, but I based it on my current waist measurement and that worked!  I figure I can always take things in later if I want to.  note #2: Boden has petites which are the perfect length/proportion for me, so this is one of the reasons I love them).  
I ended up with 3 successful picks – 2 shown below in poor lighting (but you get the idea).
Button-down shirtdress with throwback 2009 belt (I think it still works)

Wrap dress.  So comfortable + pump-friendly

Madewell roadtripper jeans + Madewell silk top (not new)
(We are not technically allowed to wear jeans, but on Fridays and/or with longer tops, I think I can get away with these.  
I also have one other pair of black pants that were on the bigger side before, and fit.)
I also got a new pair of shoes (shown) to work with the dresses.
4) NAILS.  Finishing touch – mani/pedi obtained yesterday.  CHECK.
 I am now ready to present myself looking like my old normal (or even better than the low bar I set during pregnancy – ha!), even if I don’t entirely feel that way.  Fake it ’til you make it?  I think there’s some real value in that.  
Now to enjoy the last 3 days of freedom . . . !

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