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April 23, 2018
Desperate times.

I switched because:

a) the tiny Hobonichi (A6) was so cute but I couldn’t stand how small the weekly views were

b) the separate weekly insert was a good idea in theory but so annoying in practice

c) a new planner is clearly going to solve all of my life’s problems during this difficult stage!


The above is an Erin Condren LifePlanner (2018) that I bought on clearance – 50% off.  I ripped January through March out of the spiral binding.  It is almost offensively pretty but at the same time very functional.  I have no idea what all of the sudden made me feel overwhelmed by my previous system but . . . there you go!

I’m sure I will be back to the gorgeous Hobonichi products in the future, but probably not the A6 (Cousin only!).

Nothing like starting out a new week with a fresh planner, empty inboxes (FINALLLLYYYYY after being very behind in all realms for quite some time), and a 5.5 hr sleep stretch from G (7:30p – 1a – unfortunately I only was asleep for about 3 of those)**.

* This is actually my first true PlannerFail I’ve had in quite some time.  Usually I can at least get through the year!

** Yes at 4.5 months old a ‘good’ night = sleeping 7:30 – 1, then up again at 3:30 and I hear her making noise now (not crying) at 5:48 but I am currently ignoring it.  Oy.

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