A Few Notes

May 29, 2018

1) In the process of trying (but not very hard) to make this blog GDPR compliant, I am again motivated to bring it out of the stone age.  I seem to keep losing momentum on this goal, though!  I really think I need to hire a consultant to move it and spruce it up.  As much as “blogging is dead”, there is plenty more I’d like to do with this space!

(And yes, I’ll eventually get the GDPR thing done!  Pretty sure the EU is not going to come after me for being a week or so late.)

2) Laura’s new book is out today!!!  I really enjoyed Off the Clock – in fact, it might be my favorite of hers so far (and that’s saying something, since I read 168 Hours TWICE when it came out).  It is a deeper dive into what makes us feel like we have enough time, which — since time is everything! — really translates to the ways we can strive to live our most enjoyable and meaningful lives.

ALSO I’m mentioned in it 🙂  Which was pretty thrilling.  I highly recommend checking it out — there’s also an audio version which I think could be quite uplifting on a commute or long trip!

3) I wrote in my planner that I was going to do a Beachbody review.  Well, I want to get my workout in so I’ll save that for later in the week.  But I completed 3 weeks of the 21 Day Fix and the short answer is that I am slightly obsessed.  More later.  (Just in case anyone is concerned, NO I am not going to shill products or become a ‘coach’; I just really like the workouts and style of training and want to share my experiences.)

4) Memorial Day weekend is over – and so is my call week which was extra painful for some reason. I am feeling jubilant about this today!  Lots of fun events are on the calendar and I’m really looking forward to doing my monthly review AND officially closing up Q2 (Quintile 2!).  It’s time 🙂

Annabel can basically babysit


tasting banana

being ridiculously cute


  • Reply karla March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    can’t wait for the beach body reviews – i hope they motivate me to start working out more! when on the day do you fit in your workouts?

  • Reply rose March 10, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Beautiful children!!!

  • Reply Tyra March 10, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Is beachbody a MLM? I don”t think it”s a thing here!

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