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May 8, 2018

As mentioned yesterday, I’m feeling better about . . . many things.  Don’t get me wrong — I still would like more sleep and more hours in the day, but I’m doing okay.

Some updates/clarifications:

1) Workouts:  I agree with everyone that it’s time to resume, for health but mostly for self-care purposes.  I decided to try my first Beachbody series to create a little bit of motivation and excitement.  I’m exactly 1 day into the 21 Day Fix (workouts only, not the eating plan) and I am already too sore to walk downstairs normally.  I may have underestimated how out of shape I am.  
2) Babysitting/weekend coverage:  I don’t plan on making this an every weekend thing, but I had someone ask me about this via email — I had childcare generally to make logistics work.  Example:  Saturday I took A&G to ballet (I could have taken C, but someone asked me to drive their kids home and I wouldn’t have had enough seats!); then Cameron’s friend came over for a drop-off playdate and I figured I could use a little help with 4 little ones running around at once (okay fine G isn’t running around yet but she limits my ability to keep track of the other 3).  Sunday afternoon A had a birthday party that did not include siblings (limited space) so I brought G while C stayed with our sitter.  I did do an hour walk/run with a friend (mostly walk, b/c she is not a runner sadly) but generally this baby-sitting coverage wasn’t about time to do work or hang out on my own. 
3) Cameron:  So as noted above, he spent 2 half-days of the weekend home with a sitter while I was out with A&G.  He didn’t protest much (our nanny is basically his 3rd parent, and the sitter we had on Sunday he knows very well).  Still, I feel bad about this and really don’t want him to feel left out.  He sweetly asked me to read a book in his class so I’m going to do that this week and I really am going to make a concerted effort to have more 1:1 time with him.  It seems to naturally happy with Annabel because she has so many activities that send her off with one parent or another, but C is getting lost in the shuffle and I don’t like that!
4) Summer travel.  I really need to book our vacation (planning on Portland OR in August, like flying through Seattle and seeing friends there in part because there are no nonstop flights from here to Portland).  I’m honestly having some cold feet about flying across the country (N/S and E/W!) with an 8 month old baby.  Someone talk me off a ledge.  I also came to the (obvious) realization that a meet up with my wonderful college friends WITH kids is going to a be a little challenging as I’m the only one with a brood (there will be one other baby born just 2 days before G though, so that will be very cute).  I definitely want to go but I think the anxiety/hesitation has prevented me from finalizing our flights/hotels/air B&Bs/etc.  I read Lagliv’s recent travel post with so much awe and envy — so that’s what it will be like for us in a mere 4 years?  I. Can’t.  Wait.
5) New planner.  I am slightly ashamed to admit that I am so much happier in my Erin Condren right now.  It just feels simpler.  I guess I am a little sad about not doing a whole page-a-day (I really enjoyed that ritual with the Hobonichi, which I used from 2014-2018) but . . . it just wasn’t working right now.  I can actually put all the info I need into each daily space and I love that I am always viewing the entire week at once.  
Okay . . . it’s 21 Day Fix Time.  (Which will probably be G’s cue to wake up but maybe she’ll fall back asleep.  Speaking of which maybe her sleep is slightly better?  She made it from 7:30 – 12:30 last night!  Then up at 3.  I recognize that half the babies her age seem to be sleeping 7-7, but this is way better than 10 / 1 / 4). 

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