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July 10, 2018

Lately I keep flipping open my planner and thinking it is approximately 2 weeks earlier than it actually is.  The summer is nearly half over, and I suspect the rest will FLY – we have just a few more weeks until our trip, and then when we get back there will be just ONE week until A starts 1st grade (C starts pre-K week later, which seems improbable because he was a baby, like, yesterday).

I can’t tell if this is a good or a bad thing.  
I have been tracking my time lately in an informal way, just using my Hobonichi Avec (it’s so tiny and compact I’ve actually just been sticking it in the pocket of my EC Planner).  The main conclusions I have come to are:
– I will have soooo much more time to work uninterrupted once I’m not pumping, so that is something to look forward to!  It’s very stressful trying to cram my patient care responsibilities + residency tasks into 3 2-2.5 hour windows.  I am pretty efficient, but it’s just not enough time.  
– I am terrible at using my evening hours well (it’s a scroll-fest).  While I know there is nothing inherently wrong in that, I just would so much rather use that 30 minutes or so for something else.  Good TV, reading, whatever.  I do sometimes use it to text a friend which I do like.  Maybe I’ll just do more of that.
Other updates:
– My parents are visiting!  Should be a fun 6 days, though sometimes I find that the (big) kids act out a bit more when there are visitors.  Working on it.  (Also, I’m reading this parenting book right now for the parenting book club which is kind of like a sledgehammer to my heart but also pretty interesting). 
– I am still kind of 21 Day Fix obsessed BUT I think I am going to start mixing in running.  I just miss it too much!  Maybe 3 days Fix / 2-3 days running per week?  I am also thinking about another half marathon in 2019.
– We are recording 3 podcast episodes tomorrow – all interesting interviews, including a special needs parent and the guest I mentioned I was starstruck about!  We are about to hit our one year anniversary (in Aug) and are up to 288K total downloads as of this moment!  We will be working on a survey to get some feedback from listeners.  Stay tuned for that . . .
– G is eating actual food.  And almost crawling.  Definitely still not sleeping through the night but perhaps making slow progress . . .
Weekend flashbacks:
So it’s actually cooler here than many other areas of the country.
(The record highs are making me so incredibly depressed, though it’s not like they should be a surprise.)


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